V6Fusion by Vortex 6

V6Fusion plays an integral role in supporting a vendor’s partner to maximise and capitalise on its most important relationship assets, the one it has with the vendor.  The current platform supports industry leading vendors of Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VMware with Red Hat, Citrix and Microsoft due for release late 2019 and 2020.

It’s time to take your complex single or multi-vendor management requirements and make it simple!

V6Fusion is a real time, intelligent, cloud Software as a Service to automate management of multiple vendors partner program compliance and optimisation of Cisco VIP rebates.  The platform delivers an array of benefits across the business for partners and resellers of ICT solutions.  It provides compliance based dashboards and key alerts that eliminate time consuming repetitive tasks that consume incredible amounts of time and are prone to human error or oversight.  Vendor programs are complex and change frequently, it’s a moving target and with the changing types of data and sheer volume it’s a daunting task.

Let the V6Fusion platform track your vendor compliance, highlight areas at need addressing and let you spend more time in conversation with customers rather than working spreadsheets.  On the right column or further down you will find a short 2-minute overview and below a summary of the business benefits which the V6Fusion platform delivers:

  • Maximise profitability of Cisco relationship through reduced costs and improved rebates
  • Optimise VIP at deal level
  • Visibility and control of Cisco VIP annuity
  • Simplify compliance management across multiple vendors
  • Stay on top of program changes
  • Eliminate risk of non-compliance and protect rebates
  • Automate planning for future initiatives
  • Informed decision making through comprehensive reporting

V6 Fusion Cisco Channel Support

The V6Fusion platform overall delivers to its users:

  • Improved Profitability
  • Efficiency through automation
  • Simplification
  • Reduced Risk
  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Business Continuity

Crystal Echo provides ANZ based partners service and support of the UK developed V6Fusion platform.  For further information or a live demonstration of the platform please call or complete our contact form.

V6Fusion User Testimonials

“V6Fusion is highly efficient and provides me with all the deep and detailed information I need”
Randall Herrera – IBM US Cisco Alliance Manager

“We’ve used V6Fusion for many years to track our Cisco program compliance and VIP rebates”
Timea Takacs, Vodafone Group

“We now have unparalleled visibiltiy and control of our rebates and compliance”
Denise Lage, SVP of Global Strategic Alliances at Yorktel

V6Fusion platform capability (2 min)

V6Fusion Cisco VIP platform (2 min)

Support arriving late 2019/20 for the below vendors