24th January 2013 | Instructor : Sanjay K
It is no doubt based on feedback received from our customers that Sanjay was recognised as the number 1 instructor for APAC, this is based on a combination of factors; ranking of evaluations received, number of courses delivered and comments received. Well done Sanjay!!!

25th January 2013 | Instructor : Mark T
I would like to thank Mark Turner for being the most understanding and patient instructor, as I came into this course with very little knowledge or experience. Without Mark I would not be at the level I am now. Mark is a wonderful asset to this product.


Dept. Defence

7th January 2013 | Instructor : Mark T
Material was very relevant and substantial. Exceptional training delivery. Excellent instructor.. Kudos to Mark.



7th January 2013 | Instructor : Mark T
Mark, our instructor was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable in the area, well prepared, presented the class very well, was very patient, took questions very well and if he didn’t know the answer straight away would research them. Mark made the training a very enjoyable and valuable experience. Thank you to him!



22nd October 2012 | Instructor : Sanjay K
Great teacher…understands learning outcomes, learning types and fully engages in the time available


News LTD

2nd October 2012 | Instructor : Sanjay K
Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome training that you provided last week. I am revising things and do appreciate how you explained everything to us in the class. I’m planning to sit the JNCIA exam on Monday.



28th September 2012 | Instructor : Mark T
I’m very happy and impressed. It’s a pleasure to work with you. We appreciate your knowledge and the experience that you so professionally provide and value our relationship.

We’ve achieved a significant milestone from where we were. Thanks again.

ICT Infrastructure Services Manager

18th September 2012 | Instructor : Mike K
I wanted to say thank you for helping pull this together. I realise this has been a little challenging to schedule and Mike has been very helpful. He did another great quality job.

P.S. Manager

Juniper Networks

6th July 2012 | Instructor : Anthony M
The instructor was excellent. He had excellent knowledge of the equipment and was able to impart this knowledge in a way that was easy to understand.


DFAT Canberra

22nd June 2012 | Instructor : Martyn L
“Thanks for the course – it was one of the more enjoyable and useful ones I’ve done for a while. My powerball progress – not so good, but my nine year old daughter seems to be getting the hang of it :-)”

Infrastructure Architect

IBM Australia

18th May 2012 | Instructor : Blake S
Thanks for the wonderful training session. I have working experience in the Cisco SP network environment and this Bootcamp was very helpful to understand the JNCIE-SP lab exam requirements.

I am hoping to do my exam in 3 months’ time. I feel it was very useful to me to concentrate on some core technologies, tricks and tweaks.

I really appreciate your contribution and commitment during this session. Your approach in explaining the theory during a limited time was wonderful.”


VicTrack Melbourne

18th May 2012 | Instructor : Blake S
JNCIE-SP Bootcamp

“I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. The course has definitely been a big help towards my preparations for the exam.

I would highly recommend the boot camp course to any JNCIE prospect.”


Citec Brisbane

18th May 2012 | Instructor : Blake S
JNCIE-SP Bootcamp

“Thanks Blake for the wonderful sessions they were really helpful..”


Nokia Siemens Networks Sydney

11th May 2012 | Instructor : Sanjay K
JSEC – What about this class was most useful to you?

“Sanjay was an awesome instructor. His knowledge and ability to communicate this knowledge made this class excellent.”

Westcon Group

11th May 2012 | Instructor : Sanjay K
JSEC – What about this class was most useful to you?

“New concepts of Juniper when comparing against Cisco and Sanjay is very knowledgeable and wish him all the best for his JNCIE!”

Hewlett Packard

27th April 2012 | Instructor : Sanjay K
Trainer Sanjay is a great instructor. He’s very conscious about time. He highly advise us to do the labs. Unlike any other instructor who just leaves students when doing labs. He roams around the room and helps students understand and give light to our labs. We like his work ethics. I just hope other instructors are like him as well. I would like to share this quote “The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ” -William Arthur Ward. Sanjay inspires us to learn more.


16th February 2012 | Instructor : Martyn L
Hi Martyn, The feedback from the team has been excellent, thanks again. Ant – it looks like we managed to squeeze in all the content as the troops

Were quick with the labs etc. Phew!

Macquarie Telecom

18th November 2011 | Instructor : Martyn L
The JCOS course is fantastic. A few of us are using the virtual lab this weekend. This course has enabled us to understand our Core COS configuration better now. Martyn (the instructor) showed us a sample COS related project he commissioned for our recent deployment, great initiative

I am sure the team has benefited greatly from this course


Nokia Siemens Networks

15th November 2011 | Instructor : Martyn L
It was a very good training experience and I learned a lot from the training. Especially, Martyn. He is an excellent instructor who has very good knowledge and troubleshooting skills. Training was well organized, the equipment of the lab was built fantastically.

But there is a little pity we didn’t take a photo for all members of our class.

Network Engineer

SingTel Optus

14th November 2011 | Instructor : Martyn L
You are a very knowledgeable engineer and an excellent teacher. I am very glad that I attended your course.

Optus Engineer

29th June 2011 | Instructor : Mark T
I just wanted to say an extra special thanks for conducting the training so well for us. The feedback on the training that you have delivered has been very positive and it has been pointed out what a knowledgeable as well as accommodating trainer that you are.

Training Coordinator


8th June 2011 | Instructor : Crystal Echo Logistics
I would like to thank you for making the training task that much easier by being so well organised as well as flexible to our needs. It’s been a real pleasure working with you.

Training Coordinator


10th February 2011 | Instructor : Chris K
A quick note to advise that the training was well received – trainer was able to cover the material in the time he had and was very knowledgeable.

Technical Services


1st February 2011 | Instructor : Mark T
The training was very good thanks, Mark is a great instructor (probably one of the best I’ve come across).



14th September 2010 | Instructor : Anthony M
Anthony is one of the best trainers I have ever seen. I have received many courses from other vendors including trainers from overseas. Anthony’s presentation skills are excellent and he knows the subject matter extremely well. He is always switched onto the classes’ mood and senses if anyone needs any extra explanation. He then uses interaction, metaphors and real life examples to explain difficult technical concepts with ease, importantly making sure everyone is on the right track. He will then take extra time if needed working patiently to make sure you get all the concepts. He is always willing to take time after class and makes a training course an enjoyable event.

Very helpful, well presented and highly recommended. Thank you Juniper and Anthony

Telstra Senior Engineer

28th May 2010 | Instructor : Mark T
MBRC are impressed with the quality of the trainer and really enjoying the courses

Account Manager

CDM Brisbane – www.cdm.com.au

27th February 2009 | Instructor : Anthony M
Hi Anthony,

It’s always a pleasure to participate at your courses. Your extensible knowledge in Juniper products and easy-to-understand way of teaching makes everyone to comeback for new materials.

All the best

Earthwave – www.earthwave.com.au

17th December 2008 | Instructor : Sylvain G
I wanted to also take this opportunity to say how great it was to have Sylvain as a trainer – he did a great job and I hope it showed up in the feedback forms.

We (me especially) had a lot of questions outside of the material, and Sylvain we was only too happy to answer all of them to the best of his ability, which is greatly appreciated.


Verizon – www.verizonbusiness.com

5th March 2008 | Instructor : Anthony M
Hi Anthony Just a quick note, will follow up in more detail, but well done on a great course. Must admit, I was worried when I found out the guy I was negotiating the finances with, was the guy that was doing the training but those fears were unfounded. I think you have been the most aware, up to date, and knowledgeable instructor I have had on a techy course. Well done, and let me know how you want to play the certificates. That was feedback from everyone on the course, not just me. Cheers mate

Please pass this email on to your boss and the Juniper account manager for Telecom New Zealand.


Telecom New Zealand – www.telecom.co.nz

27th November 2008 | Instructor : Sylvain G
Sylvain did a great job. He is very good and knows his stuff. Good catch there.

See you next week right?

Kind regards,

Telstra Australia – www.telstra.com.au

17th December 2007 | Instructor : Blake S
Just a personal thank you and congratulations regarding the firewall training you provided to Rio Tinto in Perth in November.

I have only just been able to personally meet with the Perth people who attended the course and they have advised me that your training was excellent. In fact the feedback included such quotes as “the best training I have been on” and “the trainer was very knowledgeable and gave real world examples.

My compliments to you on the job very well done and I would have no qualms in recommending my customers attend any firewall training for which you are the Trainer.

Best Regards

Major Account Manager

Juniper Networks Australia – www.juniper.net

4th December 2007 | Instructor : Anthony M
Hi Anthony,

Thank you very much for a great course. I have to admit that this course was very good compared to similar courses I have completed with other vendors.

Once again thank you very much for a great course.

Kind Regards

HP Engineer – www.hp.com

30th Nov 2006 | Instructor : Anthony M

Thanks again for a great course. I should hopefully be back early next year to do the advanced course.


Defence Network Operations Centre – www.defence.gov.au

22nd Feb 2006 | Instructor : Anthony M

Thanks mate for the training course it was really enjoyable. That is saying a lot really as most courses I find a little dry and uninteresting for the most part. I have recommended you and your company to my boss and hopefully I’ll get some more Juniper training.


TAC Support Engineer