Micro Focus Course Categories

Analysts have estimated that over 40 percent of software is underused, which is most often due to inadequate training. Untrained users consume 6x more support services and introduce 2x more operational errors (and risk) than trained users. Micro Focus can help.

Receive training from a Micro Focus certified expert instructor to build skills that will help your organisation realise their software platform return on investment. A classroom experience enables you to talk directly with our expert and collaborate with industry peers.

Regardless of your experience and exposure, we have a Micro Focus class that will meet your needs!

With over 200 Micro Focus courses on offer it can make finding the right course a little challenging and have decided to categorise and group all courses under the relevant Micro Focus product category.

If you find yourself unable to locate the course, or feel the course offered is not 100% what you need, please lean on us for help to find the right course or help you customise one for your business.

Course Categories

Micro Focus offers many courses across its expansive product portfolio and below is an easy way to display courses by category.  You still may find searching the full 200 Micro Focus courses easier by searching the full list, which can be done here – https://crystalecho.com/all-courses-micro-focus/

Micro Focus Application Delivery Management (ADM) is a set of integrated software solutions that enable IT and line of business teams to accelerate delivery, and ensure quality and security at every stage of the application lifecycle. ADM covers the disciplines of application lifecycle management, functional testing, performance testing, service and network virtualization, release management, and user experience monitoring.

The ADM portfolio supports software delivery teams using any development methodology or framework, from traditional waterfall to modern agile and fast-paced DevOps. The portfolio is designed to support organizations of any size and vertical, from small teams to large enterprises, providing end-to-end visibility and insight data into strategic investments all the way from portfolio planning through development, testing, deployment and production.

Course Code Course Title Delivery Mode Product Category  Cost AUD  Course Outline, Schedule & Booking
AGL01IT Agile Manager 2.1 (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2aUAB
AGL110 Introduction to Agile ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0BUAR
AGL111 Agile for Managers Workshop ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0CUAR
AGL114 Agile for Executives ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0DUAR
AGL115 Introduction to Scrum ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0EUAR
AGL200 Agile Testing ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0FUAR
AGL210 Agile for Product Owners ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0GUAR
AGL220 Leading a Scaled Agile Framework ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0HUAR
AGL230 Agile Bootcamp ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0IUAR
AGL280 ScrumMaster Workshop (Non-Certified) ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0JUAR
AGL310 SAFe ScrumXP ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0KUAR
ALM01IT125 Application Lifecycle Management 12.5 (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2cUAB
ALM120-125 Application Lifecycle Management  12.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0LUAR
ALM350-125 ALM 12.x Site and Project Admin (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0MUAR
ALMOCT1125 ALM Octane 12.5 (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2bUAB
ALMOCT-125 ALM Octane 12.x Fundamentals (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0NUAR
APM01IT-93 Application Performance Management 9.3 (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2dUAB
APM120-93 Application Performance Management 9.x Essentials ADM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0OUAR
ART100-53 ART 5.3 Author and Administrator Training ADM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0PUAR
BSM220-92 Business Service Management 9.x Advanced ADM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0QUAR
DevOps100T DevOps Awareness ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0RUAR
DevOps320 Kanban Workshop ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0SUAR
DevOps330 Continuous Integration Workshop ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0TUAR
DevOps340 Docker Containerization ADM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0UUAR
DevOps350 DevOps Implementation Workshop ADM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0VUAR
DevOps365 Puppet Configuration Management ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0WUAR
DevOps370 Ansible Configuration Management Boot Camp ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0XUAR
DevOps375 Chef Configuration Management Boot Camp ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0YUAR
FT01SPA140 Functional Testing Solutions (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2gUAB
IT4IT20001 Transforming IT for a New Style of Business ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0aUAB
IT4IT300TS IT4IT Foundations ADM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0bUAB
JEN100-016 Introduction to Jenkins 1.x ADM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0cUAB
LNFT120B14 LeanFT 14.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0dUAB
LR01IT-120 LoadRunner 12.0 (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2hUAB
LR120-125B LoadRunner 12.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0mUAB
MC01SP-22 Introduction to Mobile Center 2.2 (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2iUAB
OMI200-10B Operations Manager i Software10.01 Advanced (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0eUAB
OO220B-107 Operations Orchestration 10.x Flow Development (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0fUAB
PC01OT-120 Performance Center 12.0 (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2jUAB
PC120B-125 Performance Center 12.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0gUAB
PPM01IT-93 Project & Portfolio Management 9.3 Course (B) (Digital Learning) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2eUAB
PPM01IT-95 Project & Portfolio Management 9.5 Course (A) (Digital Learning) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2fUAB
PPM03SPA94 Whats New in PPM 9.4: Program Management (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2kUAB
PPM120-93B PPM Center 9.x Essentials Training (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0hUAB
PPM320-93 Project and Portfolio Management 9.x Administration ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0iUAB
SRL01SP-33 StormRunner Load 3.x Digital Learning for Testers – All Lessons ADM  $                  372 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2lUAB
SRL120-21 StormRunner Load 2.x Essentials ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0jUAB
UFT01IT-14 Unified Functional Testing 14.0 (Digital Learning Only) ADM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2mUAB
UFT120B-14 Unified Functional Testing 14.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0kUAB
UFT350B-14 Unified Functional Testing 14.x Advanced (Digital Learning Included) ADM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0lUAB

Micro Focus offers the information management tools you need to leverage your most valuable business asset—your data—so you can find customer insight, protect your organization, and drive new revenue opportunities around the following Micro Service platforms

  • Trim / Content Manager
  • Config Management System
  • Control Point
  • Data Protector
  • IDOC
  • Structured Data Manager
Course Code Course Title Delivery Mode Product Category  Cost AUD  Course Outline, Schedule & Booking
CM02SP-91 Content Manager 9.1 (Digital Learning Only) BigData  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2nUAB
CM110-91B Content Manager 9.1 or 9.2 Advanced User (Digital Learning Included) BigData  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0nUAB
CM110-93B Content Manager 9.3 Advanced User Training BigData  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wr2SSUAZ
CM200-91B Content Manager 9.1 or 9.2 Administration Essentials (Digital Learning Included) BigData  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0oUAB
CM200-93 Content Manager 9.3 Administration Essentials BigData  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0pUAB
CM300C-91 Content Manager 9.1 or 9.2 Installation Essentials BigData  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0qUAB
CMS350-102 Config Management System 10.x Adv (Digital Learning Included) BigData  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1VUAR
CP200-55 Control Point 5.X Administration Essentials BigData  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0rUAB
CP300-55 Control Point 5.x Installation Essentials BigData  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0sUAB
DP01D-10 Data Protector 10.x Upgrade Basics – Free BigData  $                       – https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2pUAB
DP01IT-9 Data Protector 9.0 (Digital Learning Only) BigData  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2oUAB
DP120-10 Data Protector 10.x Essentials BigData  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0tUAB
DP120B Data Protector 10.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) BigData  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0uUAB
DP121V-10 Data Protector 10.0x Update BigData  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0vUAB
DP220C-10x Data Protector VMware Integration 10.x BigData  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy11UAB
DP220V-905 Data Protector 9.05 VMware Integration BigData  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy10UAB
IDOL120-11 IDOL Essentials 11.x (Custom) BigData  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0wUAB
IDOL120-12 IDOL Essentials 12.x BigData  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0xUAB
IDOL300-11 IDOL Connector Advanced 11.x (Custom) BigData  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0yUAB
SDM120C-74 Structured Data Manager Essentials 7.x BigData  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0zUAB

Micro Focus will improve your enterprise security operations by organising engagements around its customers unique challenges and combine your deep knowledge of your business with our technologies, experience, and best practices to develop the best security solution for your business.

Course Code Course Title Delivery Mode Product Category  Cost AUD  Course Outline, Schedule & Booking
LOG210-65C ArcSight Logger Administration & Ops CSE (Digital Learning & Exam Included) ESP  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3YUAR
LOG21066C ArcSight Logger Administration & Ops (Bundled with Digital Learning & Exam) ESP  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1KUAR
LOG210-66C ArcSight Logger Administration and Operations – CSE & Exam ESP  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3ZUAR

The management of the installation and integration of different products is complex and time consuming. The benefits of the ITOM Platform‘s container-based delivery and management model is the standardization of the distribution, installation, upgrade, and operation of all the products or suites. The distribution unit of delivery is a container, upgrade is standardized (by using rolling updates, patches, and rollbacks), and operation is simplified because all the same containers are on the same core platform with monitoring, scaling, and self-healing. An API, a CLI, and a dashboard provide the rest of the tools.

The IT Operations Management (ITOM) Platform, the industry’s first containerized microservices platform for IT Operations built on a foundation of shared microservices—including analytics, orchestration and ChatOps collaboration.

Course Code Course Title Delivery Mode Product Category  Cost AUD  Course Outline, Schedule & Booking
AM01IT-96 Asset Manager 9.6 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2zUAB
AM330-96 Asset Manager 9.x Modules ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1QUAR
AM350-94 Asset Manager 9.x Tailoring ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1RUAR
APPM250-91 AppManager 9.1 Administration ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1SUAR
APPM260-91 AppManager 9.1 VoIP Administration ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1TUAR
CDR220-16 Mastering CODAR 1.x ITOM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1UUAR
CSA01IT-46 Cloud Service Automation 4.6 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy30UAB
CSA120-46B Cloud Service Automation 4.x Ess. (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1WUAR
DMA350-105 Database & Middleware Automation 10.x Beyond Infrastructure & OS ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1XUAR
EM220-32 Cloud Assessment and Transformation Using Enterprise Maps 3.x ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1YUAR
HCM1201802 Hybrid Cloud Management Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1ZUAR
LOG210VB66 ArcSight Logger Admin & Ops (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1aUAB
LOG215B ArcSight Logger Search & Reporting (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1bUAB
NA01IT-105 Network Automation 10.5 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy31UAB
NA120-101B Network Automation 10.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1cUAB
NA350-101B Network Automation 10.x Advanced (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1dUAB
NNMI01IT11 Network Node Manager i Software 10.1 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy33UAB
NNMI01IT15 Network Node Manager i 10.5 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy32UAB
NNMi120 Network Node Manager i Software 10.1 Essentials ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1eUAB
NNMI120185 Network Node Manager i 10.x Essentails (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1fUAB
NNMI200103 Network Node Manager i 10.x Advanced ITOM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1gUAB
OBA120-30 Operations Bridge Analytics 3.x Essentials ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1hUAB
OBR120 Operations Bridge Reporter 10.x Essentials ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wr0lHUAR
OBSOMI0106 Operations Bridge and OMi 10.6 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy34UAB
OBSOMI0116 Operations Bridge and OMi 10.6 Interactive ART Training ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy37UAB
OMI01SPA11 Operations Management i 10.1 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $              1,240 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy36UAB
OMI110-10B Ops Manager i 10.x for Operators (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1iUAB
OMI120106B Operations Manager i 10.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1jUAB
OMW350-90 Operations Manager 9.x on Windows Advanced Administration ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1kUAB
OO02SPA107 Operations Orchestration 10.7 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy35UAB
OO02SPA17 Operations Orchestration 10.7 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy38UAB
OO320-107 Operations Orchestration 10.x Advanced Authoring ITOM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1lUAB
OO420-107 Operations Orchestration 10.x Administration ITOM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1mUAB
OPSC250-57 Operations Center 5.7 Administration ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1nUAB
PD370-94 Using and Configuring Process Designer 9.x ITOM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1oUAB
PLS250-112 PlateSpin Protect 11.2 Administration ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1pUAB
PPM125-93B Project & Portfolio Management 9.x (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1qUAB
PPM350-93B PPM Center 9.x Advanced Training (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1rUAB
SA01IT-10 Server Automation 10.0 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy39UAB
SA120-10 Server Automation 10.x Essentials ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1sUAB
SAW01IT-36 Service Anywhere 3.6 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3AUAR
SAW350-36 Service Anywhere Administration and Configuration 3.x ITOM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1tUAB
SM01IT-95 Service Manager 9.5 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3BUAR
SM01IT-96 Service Manager 9.6 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3CUAR
SM110-95 Service Manager 9.x Foundations for Process Owners ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1uUAB
SM150-94 Service Manager 9.4 Technical Configuration ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1vUAB
SM150-96 Service Manager 9.6 Technical Configuration ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1wUAB
SM320-95 Service Manager 9.x Administration (Custom) ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1xUAB
SM350-94 Service Manager 9.x Advanced ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1yUAB
SMA-CDF Containerized Deployment Foundation (Up & Go SMA [EMEA CUSTOM]) ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1zUAB
SMAN300-94 Using and Configuring Smart Analytics 9.4x ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy20UAB
SMAX100SP Service Management Automation X: End User (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  248 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3DUAR
SMAX200185 SMAX Ess. for Service Desk Agents (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy21UAB
SMAX200SP Service Management Automation X: Srvc Desk(Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  248 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3EUAR
SMAX210SP Service Managemnt Automation X: Support Engineer (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3FUAR
SMAX220SP Service Management Automation X: Configuration & Asset Managers ITOM  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3GUAR
SMAX300SP Service Management Automation X: Service or Process Owners – All Lessons ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3HUAR
SMAX310SP Service Management Automation X: Tenant Admin – Bundle ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3IUAR
SMAX320SPB Service Management Automation X: Suite Administrators – Bundle ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3JUAR
SMAX-STU SMAX Studio and selected processes of SMAX (EMEA CUSTOM) ITOM  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy22UAB
SMAX-USE Use and Handling of SMAX (EMEA CUSTOM) ITOM  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy23UAB
SOM22-102 Managing Storage Operations Manager 10.x ITOM  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy24UAB
SS120-112 SiteScope 11.x Essentials ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy25UAB
UCMDB01IT UCMDB 10.3 (Digital Learning Only) ITOM  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3KUAR
UCMDB12-10 Universal CMDB 10.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy26UAB
UD120B-103 Universal Discovery 10.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) ITOM  $              4,960 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy27UAB

The ITOM Platform is a platform that installs and manages ITOM suite products, such as:

  • IT Service Management Automation (ITSMA)
  • IT Event Correlation & Management (OpsBridge)
  • Data Center Automation (DCA)
  • Helion Cloud Management (HCM)

The following diagram depicts the architecture of the ITOM Platform.

The following diagram depicts the components of the suite technology foundation.

Explanation of terms

  • Multi-Cloud Deployment Support: includes physical or virtual machines (servers) with a specific operating system.
  • Middleware
    • ITOM Platform with the Docker container run-time manager and the Kubernetes container orchestration manager. Docker is a service that runs on a host, allowing you to run containers.

      If you only have one Docker host (a server that runs Docker), you do not need orchestration. However, if you have more than one Docker host, you must choose on which host to run which container. The container orchestration function (Kubernetes) handles issues such as moving the running container workload to another host when you must perform host maintenance, and splitting a large application so that it runs efficiently on multiple docker hosts.

  • Shared services and suites: when you install the ITOM Platform, you also install a number of utilities and shared services:
    • Management Portal user interface: The user interface that you will use to install and manage suites, manage the images used by the containers, and manage the infrastructure (such as adding a Docker host, removing Docker hosts, or maintenance).
    • Shared services: Features like licensing and user authentication are shared by all containers. This prevents duplication.
    • Containerized suites: Once the ITOM Platform is installed and the user interface becomes available, you can start installing the suites.
    • Containers: Encapsulate discrete components of application logic provisioned only with the minimal resources needed to do their job. Unlike virtual machines, containers have no need for embedded operating systems. Calls are made for operating system resources via an API. Containerization is, in effect, operating system-level virtualization (as opposed to VMs, which run on hypervisors, each with a fully-embedded operating system). Containers are easily packaged, lightweight, and designed to run anywhere. Multiple containers can be deployed on a single VM.
  • Repository and Content: The Repository is where the container images reside where you can download them from. The Content is where the suite updated content will be located in the future to enable you to load and update all the content and content use cases.

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Course Code Course Title Delivery Mode Product Category  Cost AUD  Course Outline, Schedule & Booking
AATH120-60 Advanced Authentication Essentials 6.0 MicroFocus  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy28UAB
ACM250-44 Access Manager 4.4 Administration MicroFocus  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy29UAB
DA100 DA Essentials (Digital Learning Only) MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3LUAR
DA120 DA Admin Essentials (Digital Learning Only) MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3MUAR
DA320 Advanced Administration & Configuration (Digital Learning Only) MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3NUAR
DCM100 Dimensions CM Essentials (Digital Learning Only) MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3OUAR
DCM120 Dimensions CM Admin Essentials (Digital Learning Only) MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3PUAR
DCM300 Dimensions CM for Administrators MicroFocus  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2AUAR
DCM320 Dimensions CM 14.3 Advanced Admin & Config (Digital Learning Only) MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3QUAR
eDirectory eDirectory Administration 9.x Custom MicroFocus  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2VUAR
IDG250-30 Identity Governance 3 Administration MicroFocus  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2BUAR
IDM250-47 Identity Manager 4.7 Administration MicroFocus  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2CUAR
IDM350-45 Identity Manager 4.5 Advanced Administration MicroFocus  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2DUAR
IDM350-47 Identity Manager 4.7 Advanced Administration MicroFocus  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2EUAR
IDM360-45 Identity Manager 4.5 Customization MicroFocus  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2FUAR
PLS270-12 PlateSpin Migrate 12 Administration MicroFocus  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2GUAR
PLS280-11 PlateSpin Transformation Manager 1.1 Administration MicroFocus  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2HUAR
PVCS100 PVCS Version Manager for Users MicroFocus  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2IUAR
PVCS200 PVCS Version Manager for Administrators MicroFocus  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2JUAR
RLC100 RLC Essentials (Digital Learning Only) MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3RUAR
RM100 Dimensions RM for Users MicroFocus  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2KUAR
RM200 Dimensions RM for Administrators MicroFocus  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2LUAR
SBM100 SBM Essentials (Digital Learning Only) MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3SUAR
SBM120 SBM120 for Users (Digital Learning Only) MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3TUAR
SBM200 SBM Designer & Administrator MicroFocus  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2MUAR
SBM300 SBM Advanced Designer MicroFocus  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2NUAR
SBM400 SBM Orchestration & Scripting MicroFocus  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2OUAR
SLK400-185 Silk4Net Scripting Essentials MicroFocus  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2PUAR
SLK410-190 Silk4Net C# Scripting Essentials MicroFocus  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2QUAR
SLK420-190 Silk4J Scripting Essentials MicroFocus  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2RUAR
SLK430-190 Silk Test Workbench Essentials MicroFocus  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2SUAR
SSM100 Service Support Manager Essentials MicroFocus  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3UUAR
ZMF200 ChangeMan ZMF Fundamentals MicroFocus  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2TUAR
ZMF300 ChangeMan ZMF Global and Local Administration MicroFocus  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2UUAR

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Course Code Course Title Delivery Mode Product Category  Cost AUD  Course Outline, Schedule & Booking
AM120B-96 Asset Manager 9.x Essentials (Digital Learning Included) Security  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy12UAB
ARCMC14021 ArcSight Management Center Administration and Operations 2.1 Security  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy13UAB
AS2E0007 ArcSight ESM Administrator with Oracle DB (Digital Learning Only) Security  $              1,736 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2qUAB
AS3C0023 ArcSight Enterprise Security Solutions Architecture Security  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy14UAB
AS3V0022 ArcSight FlexConnector Configuration Security  $              2,616 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy15UAB
ASFC160-70 ArcSight 7.x FlexConnector Configuration Security  $              2,616 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy17UAB
ASUBA140C ArcSight User Behavior Analytics 5.x Security  $              3,488 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy16UAB
DA200B DA for Release Engineers (Digital Learning Included) Security  $              1,744 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy18UAB
DCM200B Dimensions CM for Developers (Digital Learning Included) Security  $              1,744 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy19UAB
ESM180 Building Security Use Cases with ArcSight ESM Security  $              2,616 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1AUAR
ESM200B-70 ArcSight ESM Admin & Analyst (Digital Learning Included) Security  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1BUAR
ESM220-65B ArcSight FlexConnector Config (Digital Learning Included) Security  $              2,616 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1CUAR
ESM280-70 Creating Advanced ESM Content for Security Use Cases Security  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1DUAR
ESM310-65 ArcSight ESM 6.5 Advanced Administrator – CSE Security  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1EUAR
ESM320611 ArcSight ESM Advanced Analyst Security  $              3,488 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1GUAR
ESM320611C ArcSight ESM Advanced Analyst – CSE Security  $              4,360 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3WUAR
ESMEB12022 Event Broker Essentials Security  $              3,488 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1HUAR
FT01IT-42 Fortify for Developers using Plugins (Digital Learning Only) Security  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2uUAB
FT01SP-172 Fortify Automated Application Security (Digital Learning Only) Security  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2tUAB
FT120B-180 Dynamic App.Fortify Security Testing with WebInspect (DL Included) Security  $              2,616 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1IUAR
FT3E0029 WebInspect Foundations (Digital Learning Only) Security  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2yUAB
FT3E0034 Application Security (Digital Learning Only) Security  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2vUAB
FTAA04-171 Fortify Audit Assistant (Digital Learning Only) Security  $                  248 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2sUAB
FTSCA25018 Fortify SCA (Static Code Analyzer) & SSC (Software Secrity Center) & Exam Security  $              2,616 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3XUAR
FTSCA25018 Fortify SCA (Static Code Analyzer) & SSC (Software Security Center) Security  $              2,616 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1JUAR
INV110-11E ArcSight Investigate Introduction (Digital Learning Only) Security  $                  868 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2rUAB
IT4IT100TS IT4IT Awareness Security  $                  992 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy0ZUAR
LOG110SP65 ArcSight Logger 6.5 Basics eLearning Security  $                  372 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2wUAB
LOG110SP65 ArcSight Logger 6.5 Basics (Digital Learning Only) Security  $                  372 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2xUAB
PAM250-32 Privileged Account Manager 3.2 Security  $              2,616 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1MUAR
PAM250-35 Privileged Account Manager 3.5 Security  $              2,616 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1NUAR
SD140V-20 SecureData 2.x Foundations Security  $              1,744 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1OUAR
SEN250-80 Sentinel-8-Admin_v2.0 Security  $              3,488 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1LUAR
WI250B Dynamic Application Security Testing with WebInspect (Digital Learning Included) Security  $              1,744 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy1PUAR

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Course Code Course Title Delivery Mode Product Category  Cost AUD  Course Outline, Schedule & Booking
VT120-92 Vertica 9.x Essentials with Free Eon Video Vertica  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2WUAR
VT160-91 Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning (Digital Learning Only) Vertica  $                  496 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy3VUAR
VT200-90 Vertica 9.x Database Administration (Custom) Vertica  $              3,968 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2XUAR
VT220-92 Vertica 9.x Descriptive Analytics Vertica  $              1,984 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2YUAR
VT320-90 Vertica 9.x Query Performance Tuning Vertica  $              2,976 https://crystalecho.com/course-info/#a0T6F00000Wqy2ZUAR

How to take my Micro Focus training?

Knowing the best path to take is not always straight forward as opting for an online course that is self-paced may or may not see you finishing in the same period of time you would complete a course and all its objectives within a week.

Instructor led training can be perceived to be expensive when travel is required, however attending a live class remotely can provide a similar experience to being there.  Motivated to arrive on time, putting your phone on silent, listening to lectures, perform hands-on lab activities and asking questions of the instructor who is watching what you type could be considered the most effective learning.

Accessing free online content and youtube videos can be great but leave you short of being able to ask questions or find the key steps outlining the configuration to use and why.

Customised training tailored to the requirements of  project deliverable’s by harnessing content from several courses into a 3-4-5 or more day saves valuable time out of the field, cost for days of training you will never use and enable you to deliver your project quickly.

Ultimately it comes down to you as an individual, how you learn, how you are motivated, where or not you desire the certification, the skills or both?

If you’re not sure of where to start a quick conversation with one of our specialist Micro Focus Education Consultants can get you going quickly.  It’s just a quick phone, chat or email away.

Micro Focus

The Micro Focus portfolio consists of identity access and security solutions, COBOL development and mainframe solutions, development and IT operations management tools, host connectivity solutions and collaboration and networking solutions.

Why Micro Focus?

Micro Focus helps organizations run and transform their business through four core areas: Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT Management, Predictive Analytics and Security, Risk & Governance. Driven by customer-centric innovation, our software provides the critical tools they need to build, operate, secure, and analyze the enterprise. By design, these tools bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies—enabling faster innovation, with less risk, in the race to digital transformation.

Crystal Echo since 2019 has been Micro Focus’ Authorized Learning Partner delivering training throughout Australia.  Able to provide Micro Focus Learning Units, aid with the development of customised training programs delivered on premise.  Holding the ability to combine onsite services and tailored training helps customers meet objectives, save time and reduce cost.