Learnsmarter is the only Training Management System (TMS) build on Salesforce from the ground up!

No APIs required to integrate from or to your Salesforce instance.  This doesn’t mean you need an instance Salesforce to run Learnsmarter as licensing allows it to run as a self-contained platform, meaning it still leverages the Salesforce platform but does not mandate you run Salesforce.

That being said many organisations run Salesforce which makes Learnsmarter a perfect fit for your training coordination, resource allocation, instructor logistics and bookings system.  Learnsmarter is annually licensed and has 3 x functions to consider.

  1. Core
  2. Associate
  3. Engage

Crystal Echo not only uses the all Learnsmarter’s capabilities but has partnered with Learnsmarter to support and deliver the platform in Australia and New Zealand.  Our integration with Salesforce and Pardot make it compelling as an all-in-one solution for your training, sales and marketing needs.