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State of Play | 2020-03 March Update

* Newsflash * Juniper extends Juniper certifications and Pearson Vue exam vouchers – read more here

Over the last couple of years there have been many changes and updates to Juniper Education programs.

This March 2020 we’ve drawn a line in the sand to recap on changes going back to early 2019.  Our aim with this post is to provide readers with the current “state of play” when it comes to learning Juniper with Crystal Echo.

Full list of Juniper courses and SCHEDULE

Key highlights of upcoming March 2020 courses are:

Click the below heading for detailed insights on each offer:

Juniper 2019 Course Release Dates
JNCIE-SEC Certification Self-Study Bundle – Outline EDU-JNCIE-SEC-BOOK-2018.a 21/02/2019
DiffServ-Aware MPLS Traffic Engineering DSTE-V18.a 30/04/2019
JNCIE-SP Certification Self-Study Bundle EDU-JNCIE-SP-BOOK-2018.a 2/05/2019
JNCIE-ENT Certification Self-Study Bundle EDU-JNCIE-ENT-BOOK-2018.a 29/05/2019
Introduction to Junos Security (IJSEC) IJSEC-V19.a 28/06/2019
Juniper Cloud Networking with AWS and Azure (JCNAA) JCNAA-V-19.a 16/08/2019
SD-WAN with Contrail Service Orchestration (SD-CSO) SD-CSO_5A 15/10/2019
Introduction to Junos Evolved (IJEVO) IJEVO_19A 21/10/2019
Network Automation in the Enterprise Cloud (NAEC) NAEC_1907 20/11/2019

Juniper 2019 Course Update Dates
Data Center Fabric with EVPN and VXLAN (ADCX)Replaced physical QFX wtih vQFX remaining at 5-days ADCX-V-18.a 9/04/2019
Juniper Cloud Fundamentals (JCF)Adding Enterprise multicloud JCF-V-19.a 30/04/2019
Junos Platform Automation and DevOps (JAUT) JAUT-V-18.a 10/05/2019
J-IPv6 J-IPv6-V19.a 6/09/2019
Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) IJOS-V-19.a 23/09/2019
Junos Security (JSEC) JSEC-V19.a 10/10/2019
Junos Space – Network Director (JS-ND) JS-ND_V19A 5/11/2019
Network Automation Using the Contrail Controller (NACC) NACC_5B 13/11/2019
Junos Segment Routing (JSR)J​SR_V19B: Adding NorthStar appendix. JSR_V19B 31/12/2019
Junos MPLS Fundamentals (JMF) JMF_V19A 10/01/2020
SD-WAN with Contrail Service Orchestration (SD-CSO) SD-CSO_5B 22/01/2020
Introduction to Junos Security (IJSEC) IJSEC_V19A 31/01/2020
Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing (AJSPR) AJSPR_V19A 13/02/2020
Junos Layer 3 VPNs (JL3V) JL3V_V19A 19/02/2020
Junos Troubleshooting in the NOC (JTNOC) JTNOC_V19A 28/02/2020
Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing (AJER)Changed from 4 to 5 days AJER_V19A 2/03/2020
MPLS and Segment Routing Automation using NorthStar (NS) NS_V5A 13/03/2020
Introduction to Junos Evolved (IJEVO)IJEVO_19B: 1 day to 2 days; adding labs IJEVO_19B 20/03/2020
Network Automation Using the Contrail Controller (NACC) NACC_1912A 23/03/2020

2019 and 2020 we saw the update of the following exams (yyyy-mm-dd)

JNCDA (2019-01-07) — JNCIE-SEC (2019-04-01) — JNCIP-DC (2019-04-11) — JNCIS-ENT (2019-05-04) — JNCIA-SEC (2019-06-28) — JNCIS-DevOps (2019-07-13) — JNCIS-Cloud (2019-08-17) — JNCIS-SEC (2019-09-15) — JNCIP-Cloud (2019-10-19) — JNCIE-ENT (2019-11-01) — JNCIA-Cloud (2019-11-23) — JNCIP-ENT (2020-01-06)

This year (2020) we will see updates to these exams (yyyy-mm-dd)

JNCIE-Cloud (2020-03-30) — JNCIE-SEC (2020-03-30) — JNCIA-Junos (2020-03-30) — JNCIP-SEC (2020-07-07)

Course Highlights and Detailed Changes

IJSEC – Introduction to Junos Security

Introduced as a 3-day course replacing the prerequisite of IJOS for the JSEC course and JNCIS-SEC level certification.  This 3-day course covers the basics of Junos but jumps quicker into firewall features that have made their way down from the original JSEC course allowing new content for new features to be covered.  The IJSEC course has a new certification JNCIA-SEC which is the prerequisite for the JNCIS-SEC.  If you have attended the IJOS course and plan to sit the JSEC you’ll find items such as NAT missing which are found in the IJSEC meaning your best path to become skilled and certified in security will be to go back and start with IJSEC.  To view the latest IJSEC course schedules CLICK HERE

AJER – Advanced Juniper Enterprise Routing

As recent as this post, the AJER as a contributor along with the AJEX for the JNCIP-ENT has just been extended from 4 to 5 days of theory and hands-on lab activities.  The AJER 19.a course an iterative update to the AJER course. The outline for the first four days is mostly the same. The Dynamic Routing Protocols, Multicast, and Class of Service topics have been updated to cover more of the “Advanced” features and focused on diving deeper and expanding on relevant options. Many of these changes were inspired from questions students had been asking when taking the class.  The biggest change was the addition of a full day of EVPN-VXLAN. This section shows the student how to migrate from an existing traditional layer 2 network to a full IP Fabric. This is accomplished by having students initially migrate to a Spine Only (Evolved Campus Core) architecture, where only the core/distribution tier is affected and the access tier can remain as is. This is a common practice as it is generally both the least expensive and least intrusive method and does not require a full forklift upgrade to their network. Students are then walked through the process of how they can, over time, convert the existing access nodes into IP leaf nodes, until a full IP Fabric exists. Various IP Fabric designs are discussed, and the day closes out by covering the Junos CLI tools and commands that can be used to verify and troubleshoot the EVPN-VXLAN environment.  There currently are no hands-on labs for the EVPN-VXLAN section, but each of the use cases were tested in a lab to prove out all of the steps.  The extra day of material delivering in-depth coverage of EVPN and VXLAN now helps students attain the JNCIP-ENT level certification and prepare for the JNCIE-ENT practical exam.  With the JNCIS-ENT as the prerequisite certification, the latest AJER v19.a 5-day course outline will be released soon.

Recertification through Course Attendance

You know your stuff.  You work on it every day.  But the time has lapsed and you need to re-certify = PAIN!!

Juniper gets it and provides a great way to maintain your current certification.  As an alternative to sitting the same exam again, the simple process of course attendance that contributes to the next level higher certification can tick that box.

For example if you have the JNCIS-SEC level certification and in this case you can opt for 1 of 2 options:

  1. Resit the same JNCIS-SEC exam by sourcing a discounted exam voucher from Crystal Echo
  2. Attend the AJSEC course which contributes to the JNCIP-SEC level certification, where simple attendance and supplying your course attendance certificate to Juniper will light up your JNCIS-SEC certification for another term

The disadvantage of opting for the exam resit is that you can be caught out by reviewing old material where course versions, content and topics have changed to an extent that your study will be pointless.  Additionally, the time you need to invest in coming up to speed, combined with a couple of exam attempts required to pass may equate to the same time invested in attending the next level course.  In addition you would have missed what the new course content has to offer.

The process and course requirements outlined by Juniper can be found here –

Don’t forget that if you opt to resit a course then you have the option to take your luck at sitting the exam. Crystal Echo can facilitate the purchase of all items including Juniper’s On-Demand self-paced training option all at discounted rates.

Juniper On-Demand Available from Crystal Echo

Juniper’s On-Demand is an alternative to instructor-led training, intended for those who can’t find the time to attend a course in person, remotely or simply commit to the consecutive days required to complete a class.  Crystal Echo can provide you with competitive pricing for your On-Demand or All-Access training pass requirements.

The On-Demand platform delivers pre-recorded web-delivered instruction and access to online lab exercises.  It is not interactive and therefore if you encounter an issue with a given concept or technology only online resources are available for consultation.  As an alternative, Crystal Echo offers both publicly scheduled and customised training options that can sometimes include an in-class proctored Pearson VUE exam at the end of the class.  Typically instructor-led training (including remote attendance) provides a comprehensive solution enabling you to certify more quickly.  Additionally you’ll own the electronic (or printed if you choose – at a nominal additional expense for printing and shipping) course materials and lab guide for reference in the years to come.

Before committing to On-Demand training you should note the following caveats:

  • 12 months expiry from the date of purchase
  • After the expiry date no access to courseware or labs will be provided
  • No offline course ebook is provided
  • Exploring Crystal Echo publicly scheduled or customised training may reveal a more cost effective instructor-led training option
  • If found sharing your On-Demand account, access is immediately terminated

If you are looking to attend multiple courses and sit for multiple certifications, a more cost effective method to consider would be Juniper’s All-Access path which is also available from Crystal Echo.

The courses delivered as instructor-led by Crystal Echo and also in On-Demand format are:

Code Course USD Ex GST Web Link to Course Outline
OD-ADCX Advanced Data Center Switching – OnDemand $4,150
OD-AJER Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing – On Demand $3,300
OD-AJEX Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching – On Demand $1,650
OD-AJSPR Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing – On Demand $4,150
OD-IJAUT Introduction to Junos Platform Automation and DevOps – On Demand $2,500
OD-IJSEC Introduction to Junos Security – On Demand $2,100
OD-IJOS Introduction to the Junos Operating System – On Demand $2,100
OD-JCF Juniper Cloud Fundamentals – On Demand $2,500
OD-JNDF Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals – On Demand $2,500
OD-JSR Juniper Segment Routing – On Demand $850
OD-JEX Junos Enterprise Switching – On Demand $1,400
OD-JIR Junos Intermediate Routing – On Demand $1,400
OD-JL2V Junos Layer 2 VPNs – On Demand $1,650
OD-JL3V Junos Layer 3 VPNs – On Demand $2,500
OD-JMF Junos MPLS Fundamentals – On Demand $1,400
OD-JAUT Junos Platform Automation and DevOps – On Demand $4,150
OD-JSEC Junos Security – On Demand $3,500
OD-JSPX Junos Service Provider Switching – On Demand $1,400
OD-JTNOC Junos Troubleshooting in the NOC – On Demand $3,500

Juniper All-Access Training Pass

Juniper’s All-Access Training Pass provides access to all Juniper’s On-Demand courses and Juniper-run classes for a period of 12 months for a fixed price.  The All-Access pass starts at USD$5,995 for a single user with options of 1, 10, 25 users using part numbers EDU-JUN-ALL, EDU-JUN-ALL-10 and EDU-JUN-ALL-25.

Pending the number of All-Access pass subscriptions purchased, additional elements may be included with a 25 user subscription at USD$150,000 such as:

  • 25 x Written Pearson VUE certification exam vouchers
  • Quarterly training review
  • Knowledge and skills assessment
  • Prescriptive onsite training

Before purchasing the Juniper All-Access Training Pass be sure you understand the following caveats:

  • Juniper-run classes exclude those offered by Juniper Networks Authorised Education Partners (JNAEP) and therefore do not include free enrollment on Crystal Echo run classes
  • The 12-month expiry is for all courses included in the All-Access pass
  • No offline or online ebook, or lab access will be available after the 12 month expiry period

Despite the perceived cost saving of an All-Access pass which provides access to many Juniper On-Demand and instructor-led courses, the cost needs to be weighed against the following considerations:

  1. What knowledge and skills do I require to support my environment?
  2. How much time can I afford to invest attending training?
  3. Is certification important or required?
  4. Would requesting a customised course from Crystal Echo that leverages content from five different standard courses, incorporating 13-days of materials and delivered at my work location by a certified instructor over a five day period (not consecutive) with printed manuals and lab activities for my team of four or more meet my company’s goals and be cheaper overall?

Junos Genius with Free Exam Vouchers

The Junos Genius learning platform delivers tools that help you learn Juniper technologies and is a good reference containing practice exams and content to help prepare for a select range of Juniper JNCIA, JNCIS and JNCIP level Pearson VUE exams.  This platform supports access via apps for iOS and Android devices, along with browser access from your computer providing the flexibility to track your progress and access content from anywhere with downloadable off-line content.

The Junos Genius platform provides access to practice certification exams with 65 practice questions for nominated exams and certification preparation materials including e-learning modules called “Juniper Learning Bytes” for select courses.  It also contains unlimited access to all hardware overview and deployment courses.  It’s a single point of access that provides access to the following:

  • Juniper Open Learning
  • Networking Fundamentals – reviews base networking skills related to switching, routing, VLANs, IP addressing, etc
  • Associate, Specialist & Professional-Level Practice Tests
  • Certification Preparation Videos
  • Learning Bytes
  • eLearning Courses
  • Hardware Overview and Deployment Courses
  • Day One Books

Junos Genius does not include access to hands-on lab activities (On-Demand & All-Access do for a fee) which can make it difficult for some who require hands-on to confirm the theory in order to pass a certification exam.  Junos Genius is a great platform for those wishing to gain certifications but may not address all the requirements for an engineer to build and operate a production network.

Two of the certification preparation courses include a free Pearson VUE exam voucher that can be used for JNCIA-Cloud & JNCDA Associate-level certifications.  If you are in need of Pearson VUE exam vouchers for other JNCIA, JNCIS and JNCIP level exams, Crystal Echo can provide these at heavily discounted rates.

Overall a very useful platform for quick review and accessing practice tests for your chosen certification.

Juniper Open Learning

Juniper Open Learning – provides “Free” certification training delivered by a Juniper instructor as an online, live session (not recorded).  For those Crystal Echo customers in Australia and New Zealand this free training offer will come at a cost.  Sleep!

Courses are scheduled in US time zones (PST), and thus you could anticipate that a 9AM start translates to 1-3AM start in the Australia / New Zealand timezone.  As an open enrollment class with the capacity to cater for hundreds to over a thousand eager engineers, this is not an interactive experience but more of a 1 instructor to many student delivery.

Questions are redirected to user forums and no hands-on lab activities are provided apart from videos where you watch someone else type.  Some engineers may struggle with being able to apply these new skills to real-world scenarios but still manage to pass the relevant certification exam.  This for some could be a good introduction to Juniper with the goal to attend an instructor-led class at a later point in time.  If you’re looking for real-world skills that won’t cost you your beauty sleep then you might consider a Crystal Echo publicly scheduled class or customised onsite training built specifically for you and your team.

Juniper Open Learning delivers the following;

  • PDFs of courseware provided for self-study
  • Webcasts are delivered to supplement PDFs where students can ask questions (Assume 7AM PST = 1AM Sydney / Melbourne time)
  • Access to a dedicated, private, Juniper Open Learning community hosted on Juniper’s J-Net forums (This is not instructor run)
  • Classes support varying enrollment sizes from 200-1500!
  • Participants receive a free Pearson VUE exam voucher post completion of modules after passing the pre-certification exam

It is important to note that places fill quickly and registration for each event opens up 4-6 weeks in advance and accepts registrations world-wide.  Depending on the certification course, delivery methods differ as detailed in the below summaries:

JNCIA-Junos (200 limit) with registration opening 4-6 weeks in advance

JNCIA-Cloud (1500 limit)

JNCIA-DevOps (1500 limit)

JNCDA (design associate which references the JNDF courseware which we have been using for the JAIC classes)

  • Available under Junos Genius as self-study

Junos Node Slicing (not scheduled)

  • 90 minute session
  • No certification

Juniper Segment Routing (not scheduled)

  • 90 minute session
  • No certification

Crystal Echo Customised Training

There are many platforms, courses and methods of training offered by Juniper which can be daunting to determine the best approach, method based on desired results.  As Juniper’s longest serving JNAEP (Juniper Networks Authorised Education Partner) in operation since 2004, we have seen and been part of Juniper’s Service Provider, Security, Enterprise, Data Centre, Cloud and DevOps training evolution and certification programs from the beginning.

Despite the new delivery platforms we continue to deliver instructor-led training via our public schedule and onsite customised programs.  Required time out of the field to send someone on training is a factored cost when sending an engineer to class.  Unless there’s a compelling reason to obtain certification, most will opt for self-education or online sources of training.  This however struggles to produce results as it’s less interactive, takes longer to complete and is susceptible to multiple interruptions.

Juniper customised training with  Crystal Echo delivers an efficient and cost effective solution for your engineers training requirements.  With as little as four participants we can deliver training that takes less days to complete, incorporates materials from several courses, which provides you with the essential knowledge and skills to support the network as-is without the clouding of topics that are irrelevant or delivered to assist in gaining certification.  Additionally some companies find standard training a threat when those engineers pursues the certification which they later use to explore employment opportunities externally.

Crystal Echo also has the ability to offer certification-based training with the ability to proctor Pearson VUE testing in the classroom environment on the afternoon of the last day.  Sitting a certification exam at the end of the course delivers the best chance of passing as participants are fully engaged throughout the class (knowing that the exam is at the end) which removes the risk post-event of the exam being delayed or postponed allowing work and family priorities to take over.  On the chance the exam will be taken months after, almost as much time is required to come back to the level of knowledge as sitting through the class again.

Customised training is efficient and can save your company time, money and deliver specific tailored results.

Juniper Training Credits (JTC)

Juniper Training Credits can be purchased directly from Crystal Echo and can be redeemed world-wide.   JTC’s can be in the unit form of USD$100 or a lump sum pending the amount issued at the time of sale.  Purchased individually or typically bundled in by Juniper with equipment sales, JTCs are held by customers to use towards training, certification and/or services work.

JTCs have a 12 month expiry period and the amount held on any voucher can be verified by logging in to the Juniper Learning Portal and entering your code.

Congratulations, you made it this far!

… and you’re possibly confused?!  We get we get it.  Start with a simple call to +61 1300 859 892 and speak to one of our learning specials to outline your requirements.  We’ll then help you navigate the training path(s) we believe are best for you, even if it results in you not buying from us.