Fast Agile Coaching Training (FACT)

Fast Agile Coaching Training  is and Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for APMG International, APM Group Ltd.  FACT has significant experience coaching organisations in Agile Project Management.

Crystal Echo partnering with FACT brings to you a unique collection of Agile Project Management courses helping you to effectively deliver your digital services transformation and DevOps projects on time and within budget!

From the latest Agile Business Consortium, APMG International released late 2018 their AgileDS™ program in two parts AgileDS™ Foundation and AgileDS™ Practitioner with both providing end of course certification exams.  Combined with it’s existing AgilePM™ and AgileBA™ training programs deliverable enables FACT to provide an Agile Program ideal for Project Managers, teams and team leads to effectively deliver programs.

The AgileDS™ program joins the existing partnership between the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) and APMG International has made available the DASA DevOps course.  This leverages the APMG International global award-winning accreditation and certification body.

The FACT and Crystal Echo partnership underpins the Agile coaching and delivery of Digital Services Transformation projects to bring you an array of certified and customised Agile training programs in 2019.