We understand what it takes to deliver quality training and how important fast, reliable labs are as an integral part to the success of any class.

We have been servicing Juniper Authorised Education Centers (JNAEC) with remote lab services since 2004. Our current lab environment delivers remote access lab equipment with coverage of over 25 certified Juniper courses.

We offer a lightweight, fast and easy to use remote access solution, with many of our labs available on remote power enabled password recovery if the requirement arises. Your lab access will be supported any time of the day at any time of the week to ensure your class is a success.

Our labs are updated and maintained in line with the courses published by Juniper Networks. We run these courses regularly so we have documented any errors and are able to share this information at the time of your lab hire.

If your instructors are new to delivering a specific course we will provide complimentary access to your instructor once your class has been confirmed.

Lab hire is charged on a per day basis (8 hour blocks) for access to all lab devices and includes the following:

  • Supply of detailed access instructions and configurations.
  • Lab support for access issues.
  • Favourable pricing for large classes to ensure every student has their own lab device to work on.
  • HALF, 3/4 and FULL lab hire pricing.
  • Labs available any day of the week.

If you're interested in renting one of our labs and would like an overview of our pricing, please email us with the following information:

  • Your course start date.
  • Your course finish date.
  • Class you are running - Juniper or Customised.
  • Lab equipment you require.
  • Location of the training and time zone.
  • Number of possible students.
  • Any special notes / considerations or your lab booking.

We will then supply you with the following;

  • Lab availability.
  • Cost of hire and terms.
  • Any special notes / considerations for your lab booking.
  • A number of days before the class you will be provided with information detailing how to access the lab, usernames, passwords and an invoice.