ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) Enterprise Training Platform

ISACA’s CSX Nexus addresses the gaps head-on. It’s the first and only on-demand cyber security training solution of its kind.  Providing real-world, hands-on experiences your team needs to bridge the cyber security skills gap and protect your organization against advanced cyberthreats.

This new and unique online platform delivers on-demand training with the following features:

  • Hands-on practical labs in hosted online in a live, dynamic network environment
  • Content that’s continually updated based on the latest real-world threats
  • Performance-based evaluation through every step of courses and labs
  • An assessment tool that measures real technical skills
  • Focused, self-paced courses that dive deep into specialized areas

ISACA, has spent a lot of time conducting surveys and studies, evaluating the training landscape to figure out how to help organizations close that cyber security skills gap. Common messages received highlights a few key areas in desperate need of improvement:

  • The problem with traditional learning is it doesn’t prepare trainees for the job they’ll really be doing. Lab training, when it is utilized, is typically in a simulated environment that doesn’t adequately replicate what the trainee will be dealing with in their day-to-day work.
  • If training content isn’t being updated to cover new threats as they evolve, the trainee’s skill set will be outdated as well—you need your team to stay sharp at all times.
  • Most training courses cost US$5–6K per course, PLUS travel costs, PLUS inconvenient out-of-office time—and remember: that’s just for a single course. At that rate, most organizations simply can’t afford to keep their security teams current on all aspects of cyber security training.
  • Every organization has different security needs and focuses, so traditional “one-size-fits-all” training—while it’s better than nothing—isn’t ideal.
  • Certifications based on this type of “evaluation” validate knowledge rather than skill, offering no insight into how the trainee performed during the training process—or (more importantly) how they’ll perform on the job.
The problem with typical security training

Providing access to this platform, your new hires, existing networking staff, Information Security and Cybersecurity team will receive ongoing career development skill-building that will improve competency, boost retention of talent, and prepare team members for internal career advancement.

The Enterprise CSX training subscription-based model delivers exceptional value for exceptional training receiving 1 year’s access to the full training library with regular updates at the typical cost of one course.

Modules & Content

Focused Training Courses

The training platform features a library of self-paced, virtual courses combining instructional lecture with hands-on lab work. Each course offers a focused, deep dive into a specialized area of cybersecurity and ranges in length from 2 to 16 hours. Courses are available at varying levels of complexity: Beginner, Practitioner, Advanced and Bridge to Security Management.

Enterprise Assessment Tool

Exclusive to the CSX platform, the Enterprise Assessment Tool allows you to assess the technical abilities and current skill levels of both your current employees and potential hires. Each assessment provides an on-the-spot evaluation of an individual’s cyber strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make informed hiring, promotional, and development decisions.

Capture the Flag Scenarios

Frequent capture the flag scenarios will be added on an ongoing basis to help users sharpen their skills in friendly competition

CSX Practitioner Exam Prep Course

CSX Practitioner Exam Prep Course is an intensive training course focused on more complex technical cybersecurity skills and scenarios, and recommended for staff who have intermediate or higher technical skills or as the next step in the CSX learning path after successful completion of CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals and Foundations Series training courses. The course will help your staff build technical skills critical to perform successfully in key cybersecurity positions ̶ and to prepare for the CSX Practitioner certification exam.

CSX Practitioner Exam

Available as an add-on to the training platform packages. The CSX Practitioner certification is the first vendor-neutral, performance certification that measures and validates technical cybersecurity skills and abilities

ISACA CSX Certificates and Certifications with ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) platform address the global skills gap head-on, offering continuous, relevant training for every step along your cyber career path.

Cyberthreats EVOLVE faster than traditional Cybersecurity training

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ISACA CSX Nexus supports The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework consisting of identifying, protecting, detecting, responding and recovering from incidents successfully.