The primary ingredient of this course will be derived from the content and principals from the CliftonStrengths® Discovery 1-day course. Optimising Self-Organising Teams begins with the coverage of individual CliftonStrengths®, moves to relevant Team Summaries to then focus on its application to the Agile methodology of “Self Organising Teams”.

Gallup® CliftonStrengths® Assessment, Discovery & Self-Organising Teams Overview
You are uniquely powerful.  Your distinct CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) profile sets you apart from everyone else.  This is your talent DNA, shown in rank order based on your responses to the assessment with your top 5 strengths have a 1 in 33 million chance of being the same as another.  With over 21 million completed assessments and used by Accenture to assess it’s 400,000 strong workforce, and 4th ranked all-time Amazon best seller “StrengthsFinder 2.0” this assessment is the “one” which stands out from the crowd.

Optimizing Self-Organising Teams begins with identifying the collective strengths within a group to then discuss how to fine-tune group dynamics and shift roles to increase productivity and create more efficient teams.

“The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.” Agile Manifesto, Principle #11

Where to Start?
Before you decide to complete your own survey, consider if this will also be useful to your work environment and therefore have this process managed by Crystal Echo.  Additionally, our no obligation consultation is recommended to “discover” the best strategy for you or your company with its team structure.

Definition: What is a Self-Organising Team?
One of the characteristics of self-organizing teams is the blend of talents and backgrounds seen in the team. For self-organizing teams to prosper, they need to be self-sustaining. This is difficult to do with a group of single minded and skilled experts. Cross-functional teams, however, consist of team members who complement each other with their different skills, experiences, insights, and perspectives.

” …people not only need to have strong technical skills but also to be able to function well in teams.
Poor team dynamics can crush even the most talented individuals.”

 McKinsey & Company
“The new tech talent you need to succeed in digital.” Sept 2016

Over the years, Gallup has studied tens of thousands of teams to learn more about the issues and
challenges they face, the techniques used to create highly engaged teams, and most importantly, the
things that high-performing teams do that distinguish them from others. The most productive self-organising teams exhibit these same three findings:

  1. They share a mission and purpose. Team success ultimately depends on the team’s ability to identify and focus on a clear and compelling performance challenge or common purpose.
  2. Everyone is great at some things and not very good at others. Team members are aware of their unique talents and how they can help the team achieve their goals. They also know how the others on the team can best contribute. As such, they self-organise and act interdependently.
  3. Team members are aware of each other’s talent filters. They understand how each person is inclined to think, act, and feel. This awareness helps the team navigate the issues all teams encounter. Certain talents make team members adept at conflict management, documenting the team’s work, setting directions, influencing others, etc. In short, they understand how the team can work best together.

Course Overview
Becoming an optimized, self-organized team begins when you apply your unique talents. This course will change the way you work in teams and will impact the rest of your life. You will learn how to identify what you do best and how to maximize your potential by using your Gallup® CliftonStrengths®.

The primary ingredient of this course will be derived from the content and principals from the CliftonStrengths® Discovery 1-day course.  Optimising Self-Organising Teams begins with the coverage of individual CliftonStrengths®, moves to relevant Team Summaries to then focus on its application to the Agile methodology of “Self Organising Teams”.

Gallup research has found that when Strengths-Based, Self-Organizing Teams do what they do best, individuals will:

  • Perform better at work
  • Be more likely to achieve goals
  • Be more engaged at work
  • Be more confident
  • Experience less stress
  • Have higher levels of energy and vitality

 Understanding one’s natural talents is just the beginning of your strength’s discovery journey. This course will take participants beyond a foundational awareness of their strengths to help them identify ways to work within their teams to achieve optimal performance, balance and harmony.

The CliftonStrengths® Discovery course is the ONLY OFFICIAL discovery course from Gallup® and exclusively sourced and delivered by Gallup® certified trainers.  This course you help you will gain a deeper understanding of your talents, learn how to further develop them further and be able to identify your blind spots to achieve greater personal and professional success.  Suitable for individuals or teams operating at all levels from Executive Management through to product and service delivery.

Course Code

Course Length Alternatives

  1. 1-day for individuals via public schedule or 2 x half-days for companies
  2. Customised half-day sessions delivered to small teams and large corporations
  3. Options available to include ongoing coaching and mentoring

Course Level
All levels

Class Size
Minimum of 6
Maximum of 50, ideally for company events 25 achieves a manageable “energy”
Ability to customise delivery to accommodate larger teams

Any individual or company looking to leverage individual strengths to continually reach desired outcomes ideally but not limited to:

  • All Agile Team Members
  • Product Owners & Scrum Masters
  • Developers, Testers & Engineers
  • Architects & support roles

Prior to the event, you will be required to complete the online assessment (30 minutes) supplied and facilitated by Crystal Echo.  If you have previously completed the assessment, we can use this report providing you have completed the 34 Themes assessment and not the basic 5 Themes.  The assessment will reveal your personal strengths-based “Talent DNA” and will not vary over years, therefore using an old survey will save you time and money.

Course Objectives
During this course, participants will get new strategies to help apply talents to increase effectiveness in Scrum Teams, work and life.  During this course, self-organizing team members will:

  • Discover how to make a difference in their teams by doing more of what they naturally do best.
  • Acquire tools and insights that will help them apply their strengths to achieve greater productivity engagement and happiness.
  • Understand how all of their CliftonStrengths themes, separately or together, influence their work and personal life.
  • Develop strategies to help them use their strongest CliftonStrengths to accomplish specific team and Individual targets, goals and aspirations.
  • Practically combine their talents with others’ in their teams to achieve greater success.

Discover how to identify your greatest talents and maximize your potential by using the Gallup® CliftonStrengths® report going further beyond a foundational awareness of your strengths by identifying ways to invest in the development of your talents and apply them in everyday life and professional career.  Participants will understand their top talents with strategies and techniques to develop them. 

Course Contents
Covering the core topics from the Gallup CliftonStrengths® Discovery course combined with custom content to address Optimising Self-Organising Teams:

  • Insights into your natural talents by working with your CliftonStrengths® 34 Themes report
  • An understanding of how strengths work together and develop over time
  • Strategies to help you navigate and manage your weaker themes found towards the bottom of your strengths profile
  • The ability to use your strongest CliftonStrengths® to accomplish specific targets, goals and aspirations
  • Understand team talents
  • Create your Team Strengths Profile
  • Align talents within your team to meet the team’s goals

In addition to receiving guidance and the ability to ask questions from your qualified Gallup® trainer, for which there are only 2 in Australia, you will receive the CliftonStrengths Discovery packet with is exclusive to Gallup certified coaches:

  • CliftonStrengths Discovery Workbooks: Your Unique Strengths and Strategies for Your Success
  • CliftonStrengths Resource Guide
  • CliftonStrengths Discovery Cards Deck
  • CliftonStrengths Quick Reference Card
  • CliftonStrengths Signature 34 Themes Report
  • My CliftonStrengths® Journal
  • My Investment Card

The Discovery course combined with Discovery pack is your clear path to success.

Public schedule recipients will receive 1 x Gallup Q12 survey covering up to 15 work mates providing the most effective measure of employee engagement and its impact on the outcomes that matter most to your business.  Private, custom courses will include the Q12 survey for their respective teams.

Course Outcomes
There is no formal certification however participants will receive professional credit hours for:

  • International Coach Federation (ICF): 7.25 hours CCE resource development hours
  • HR Certification Institute (HRCI): 7.25 hours
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM): 7.25 hours approved credit hours

Additional Offerings
Using the Gallup® CliftonStrengths® Discovery course, we offer shorter more specialised sessions that focus on the collective work environment with our “Optimizing Self-Organizing Teams” (this course) and “Optimizing DevOps Teams” courses for which detailed outlines are available.

Optimizing Self-Organising Teams

AUD $ 950
(ex. GST)
  • AUD $1,045.00 (inc. GST)

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