Free Online Juniper Networks Fundamentals Course

Free Online Juniper Networks Course (Fundamentals)

Are you looking for a way to brush off the cobwebs on some technologies you’ve studied or worked with in the past?

Or simply have some gaps in your knowledge that would benefit from a top up?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the Juniper Networking Fundamentals is a free online course that will certainly be a good start to bring you up to speed.

It is not mandated that attendance is compulsory however not every engineer could claim they have knowledge of all the topics included in this 4 hour online course.

You might be a little rusty or haven’t had much exposure, experience or touched a specific technology for a while.  This is a great opportunity to complete this online course before attending any Juniper’s IJOS (Introduction to the Junos Operating System).

As a minimum, you can briskly walk through the topics you may not work with every day.

We can also deliver this type of training as a half day or full day workshop to your staff which would be more interactive and allows discussions / demonstrations on key topics.  We are flexible with the outline of topics that can be offered.

  • The 5-hour course covers the following technologies and concepts;
  • What is a network; data flows from one computer to another, Network addressing
  • Ethernet LANs; hubs and bridges, switches and Virtual LANs (VLANs), Wireless LANs
  • Routing basics; Layer 2 and 3 addressing, broadcast domains using routers, Address resolution, traffic routing
  • IP addressing; Internet Protocol (IP), IP addressing, Network masks, Working with binary numbers, Subnetting, Routing using longest match routing, IPv6 Addressing;
  • WAN technologies; Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Carrier Ethernet
  • Transport Layer protocols; User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

You might also like to view the Juniper course schedule that would follow on from this Networking Fundamentals by Juniper Networks.

Certification Exam Promotional Offer

Attend any public Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) class and Crystal Echo will provide you with a FREE exam voucher with the option to sit the exam on the last day (day 3) of the class.  This offer commences in July 2017 and ends when all the vouchers are gone, please mention this offer when registering to lock away your Pearson VUE exam voucher worth USD$200.

Note that the Junos Security (JSEC) and the Advanced Junos Security (AJSEC) courses have a separate promotion which applies for those who book and pay for either of these courses between 1st July 2017 – 30th September 2017.

If you’re looking to sit ANY WRITTEN EXAM and need a discounted Pearson VUE exam voucher, drop us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll see what we can do to help.

The Launch of Juniper OpenLab

Juniper’s OpenLab is a collection of networking assets and programs that combined on a platform serves as a global resource for innovators who want to build network-integrated software applications and solutions. Any of Juniper’s customers, partners, educators, students, and start-ups can use OpenLab to develop, test, demonstrate automation and develop new solutions that harness network intelligence and automation capabilities with no infrastructure costs and time to setup a lab environment.

OpenLab offers cloud-based access to Juniper automation platforms and solutions and now has seven centres around the world whereby customers can gain access to the educational programs offered.

OpenLab offers many pre-configured demonstrations that are designed to highlight the breadth and depth of our automation platforms and embedded features/functionality. These demonstrations are hosted and scheduled within Juniper Cloud Labs (JCL) or hosted directly within the OpenLab infrastructure and can be scheduled via JCL and/or the primary Demo SME. Since OpenLab serves primarily as an incubation resource, all proven-in and stable demonstrations targeted for a scalable delivery by our field technical teams (COE and SE) will be migrated to JCL over time.

Some of the more prominent, global automation-related demonstrations that highlight Juniper product and solutions functionality include:

  • Cloud CPE Solution (CSO, NFX)
  • Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
  • UC/Voice Services Scaling (Sonus Networks vSBC/Contrail)

Juniper OpenLab Educational Program

OpenLab offers various educational offerings that are aimed at facilitating a much-needed skills transformation in the industry such that Juniper customers and partners can take full advantage of new disruptive technologies such as SDN, virtualisation and automation.

Hands-on Technology Sessions at one of the OpenLab approved locations are designed to introduce external audiences to SDN and automation technologies as well as the Juniper platforms.  Most sessions utilise hands-on access to Juniper products for exploring system functionality, interfaces, and use cases.  External audiences are provided with access to an OpenLab sandbox environment for the hands-on exercises and may typically keep the access for a limited period after the formal session has completed. While most sessions are delivered at one of the OpenLab sites, web-based sessions are also made available. The current set of automation sessions includes Contrail, Building Blocks of Junos Automation, and NorthStar, although we will be expanding the offerings over time.

Today’s OpenLab locations are;

  1. OpenLab New Jersey (Founding Location – Bridgewater)
  2. OpenLab Silicon Valley
  3. OpenLab Amsterdam
  4. OpenLab London
  5. OpenLab Tokyo
  6. OpenLab Singapore
  7. OpenLab Sydney

Customer Automation Throwdowns

The Customer Automation Throwdown is a “hands-on” Junos Automation Program that spans preparatory training and a live on-site workshop with the use case focussing on your Network Operations.  The program is aimed at sparking near-term action on the part of the customer to build scripts/programs leveraging available Juniper functionality. The on-site workshop is conducted within ~3 working days for a manageable number of qualified customer employees (25 to 30) who work in small teams to build scripts/programs against relevant customer automation use cases. Orange was the first receiver of a throwdown in November/December 2016.

2017 Telstra Throwdown – CRN Article

SDN Essentials Asia Pacific (Crystal Echo Joint Venture) delivered prerequisite training to Telstra Throwdown engineers over a 6-day program that covered a selection of technologies that were likely to appear in the Telstra Throwdown event

The goal of the prerequisite training was to bring everyone up to the same level of skill which was covered in 3 learning modules;

  1. Junos Fundamentals
    • JUNOS Software Fundamentals, JUNOS CLI, L2 Bridging with RSTP, L3 Routing Protocols, BGP Policy Options, Basic Firewall Filters, Securing the Routing Engine, MPLS
  2. Software Skills
    • Python Introduction, Python and Network Device Communication, Python Data Structures, Comparisons, Loops, Functions, Program Structure, Object-oriented programming, File storage
  3. Automation APIs
    • Automation Overview, Python Programming Review, PyEZ Overview, Configuration Management Tools, Automation Overview Review, PyEZ Deep Dive, Templating, Data Serialization, and Ansible Overview

The below CRN article covers the launch of Juniper’s Sydney OpenLab by Chief Executive Rami Rahim after the recent Telstra Innovation Throwdown event held in Melbourne.  It further details Juniper’s involvement at university level through its Academic Alliance Program with partners Melbourne RMIT and Sydney UTS and the current graduate program.

Crystal Echo has delivered both Academic Alliance programs at the universities in 2015 and 2016, training over 200 students combined.  The 3-day program enables students to complete lectures, work through lab activities and sit the Juniper Associate certification JNCIA-Junos.

By delivery of Juniper’s Academic Alliance program in Australia and delivery of the prerequisite training for Telstra’s recent Throwdown around Juniper, Crystal Echo continues to grow its capability and experienced customer base.

Juniper Security Certification Track Exam Promotion July – September 2017

From July 1 and September 30, 2017, Crystal Echo will facilitate a FREE Pearson Vue exam voucher for the Security Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) and Security Professional (JNCIP-SEC) exams for students who complete the Junos Security (JSEC) or Advanced Junos Security (AJSEC) course. This promotion applies to instructor led training (ILT) and instructor led online (ILO) deliveries.  The primary intent of the promotion is to bring added awareness to the redesigned Security curriculum and certification exams for JNCIS-SEC and JNCIP-SEC.

The value of Juniper exams for JNCIA-Junos, JNCIS-SEC and JNCIP-SEC level exams are;

  • JNCIA: $200
  • JNCIS: $300
  • JNCIP: $400

Please remember that Juniper requires engineers to have JNCIA-Junos before your JNCIS-SEC and JNCIP-SEC (in that order) to hold valid certifications.  Even if you pass your JNCIS-SEC level certification you must have a valid JNCIA-Junos certification.

During this 3-month promotion, vouchers will be provided to the individuals who attend JSEC and AJSEC training only and are limited to 1 per student per course.

All vouchers provided through this promotion will expire on December 31, 2017 and vouchers may be used to take only the corresponding exam for each course (for example, JSEC students only can use their voucher for the JNCIS-SEC exam.

So, plan to attend your Junos Security – “JSEC” or Advanced Junos Security “AJSEC” in the next couple of months.

If you’re interested in learning more about the direction and content of the JSEC and AJSEC 5-day courses see this blog entry;

[links to JSEC and AJSEC changes blog entry]

​​​​​Course Outlines and Scheduled dates for Australia and New Zealand are found on the below Crystal Echo site



At Crystal Echo, almost half the Juniper training we deliver is customised.  With this approach we are able to tailor modules that are delivered to suit the features you are deploying in the network, your timeframe and budget.  We can also assist you in quickly coming up to speed with the Junos Operating system that may not require the full duration of something like the IJOS – Introduction to the Junos Operating System that requires 3 days of classroom participation.

To summarise for the JSEC and AJSEC course changes, see below the official advisory from Juniper.

*Beginning June 16, 2017, an updated 5-day version of Junos Security (JSEC) will replace the 3-day version. **Beginning June 30, 2017, an updated 5-day version of Advanced Junos Security (AJSEC) will replace the 3-day version. The new version will include content from the AJSEC course, Junos Intrusion Prevention Systems (JIPS) course, and Junos Unified Threat Management (JUTM) course. After June 30, 2017, the 3-day AJSEC, JIPS, and JUTM courses will not be offered. Information current as of April 2017. Course and exam information (length, availability, content, etc.) is subject to change; refer to for the most current information.