Juniper Cloud Fundamentals (JCF) Course Launching April 1st, 2018

Juniper Cloud Fundamentals (JFC) Training

The new Juniper Cloud Fundamentals (JCF) course will be launched on 1st April 2018.  This three-day course provides students with an understanding of cloud-enabled networks, cloud service deployment concepts, and virtualised network platforms such as vSRX and vMX.

The Juniper Cloud Fundamentals course includes a high-level overview and understanding of cloud network underlays, cloud network overlays, cloud design, cloud implementation methods, cloud services, Juniper Networks virtualised platforms.

To obtain the most benefit from the Juniper Networks Cloud Fundamentals (JCF) course, attendance of Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) course is strongly recommended prior to commencing this course.

See below the “important notes” for the new Juniper Cloud curriculum. And remember, you can contact one of our training consultants to discuss the range of options and the most current information.

* The JN0-411 Cloud, Specialist (JNCIS-Cloud) certification was formerly known as Juniper Networks Certified Specialist – SDN and Automation (JNCIS-SDNA).

*** Yet to be released as of February 2018, the Network Automation in the Enterprise Cloud (NAEC) course was formerly known as Network Automation in the Data Center (NA-DC). Course and exam information (length, availability, content, etc.) is subject to change.

The full Juniper Networks Cloud Fundamentals (JCF) course outline can be found below.

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Crystal Echo’s Network Automation Training

Industry Network Automation and Official Juniper Network Automation Training

We offer public schedule training, customised network automation training and consulting solutions, by our own Crystal Echo Engineers, or through partnerships with suppliers and specialists in given areas.

What is Network Automation?

Nowadays, everyone seems to have their own perception of what constitutes network automation. Notably, Techopedia defines network automation as the process of automating the configuration, management and operations of a computer network. It’s a broad term that includes a number of tools, technologies and methodologies used to automate network processes.

At Crystal Echo, however, we believe network automation can be best defined as clever processes designed to save time, make changes to improve productivity, and achieving more with less.

How is network automation implemented?

Network automation is implemented through the combination of hardware and software-based solutions that automatically execute and manage repetitive network environment processes.

Crystal Echo – Network automation training

Crystal Echo is proud to be Juniper Networks’ longest serving Juniper Networks Authorised Education Partner (JNAEP), worldwide. In addition, we are an ANZ-appointed Juniper Professional Services Specialist (PSS) Partner. In fact, we are one of the few Juniper Training Partners that Juniper Networks have authorised, outside of their own entity, to deliver their course: JAUT Junos Platform Automation and DevOps.

Maybe you have earmarked 2018 as the year to introduce network automation to your organisation? Or, perhaps your goal is to enhance your network automation knowledge, skills or organisational capabilities? In these situations, please bookmark Crystal Echo’s divisional websites, itemised below.

In summary, here’s an overview of each website’s core focus:

Divisional website

Use this website to

Training course outlines, company overview

Remote labs available for hire, proof of concept and recertification practice

Juniper certification curriculum, Juniper certification paths, graphical representation, course prerequisites and discounted Pearson VUE exam vouchers.

Note: If you have a need to do something different in your network, require guidance, or would like to implement something of best practice, a quick email or call to see if we have experience with the given topic might save you considerable time.

Official Juniper Automation Training

Official training program:

Junos Platform Automation and DevOps

Course code:


Course overview

Junos Platform Automation and DevOps, is a 5-day, all-encompassing Juniper course that covers on-box automation within Junos. Furthermore, this course addresses modules covering industry open source DevOps tools, and how they interface with Juniper’s Junos to achieve business outcomes.

Note: This course will soon become part of an automation-based certification.

Click on our further information link:

Juniper Automation Course

Customised Juniper Solution-Based Automation Training

Crystal Echo understands that no two businesses are identical. Every organisation has its own unique specific goals and objectives. It is, therefore, not surprising that similar businesses operating in the identical industry, also have their own unique network automation needs. As such, if you require customised Juniper network automation training and solutions, simply contact Crystal Echo today.

To illustrate our custom automation solutions, in mid-2017, Crystal Echo worked with Juniper ANZ to deliver prerequisite training for a customised Throw down event, which was delivered to Telstra Melbourne. Due to the success of this customised automation training, more events are planned for 2018. The 2017 event took identified business issues within Telstra. They were then scoped and defined as problem statements, which were then work-shopped across a 5-day event using industry automation tools.

  • The objective was to solve these problem statements with automation.

To ensure the success of this event, participants needed to become competent in Junos, Software Development and Automation Platforms. Crystal Echo addressed this in a limited but in-depth format over 7.5 days (3 x 2.5 days for each subject). Materials, which were appropriate to the customised training, were developed under a Joint Venture arrangement between Crystal Echo and SDN Essentials (US-based).

To learn more about these essential core competencies, click on the relevant links, below:

Juniper Automation with DevOps

Acquiring DevOps-like skills takes time and experience. Typically, learners with programming backgrounds are most suited to the task. Crystal Echo offers courses that offer varying depths of content and practical lab activities to gain DevOps skills. For example, we offer a specialised 5-day course on Python programming, Ansible or overall Network Automation.

Crystal Echo partners with Network to Code, to facilitate 5-day in-depth training programs. These training programs have the option to extend beyond the training event itself. This optional extra, alone, presents an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the instructor’s attendance. For example, many of our clients use this time for:

  • Organisational consultancy, and
  • Seeking expert advice on architecture, implementation and deployment of automation tools.

Note: From our perspective, teachings can be put straight into practice. This can, therefore, facilitate the achievement of immediate results.

To learn more about these Dev-Op related competencies, tap on the relevant links, below:

Juniper Vendor Platform Automation

Customised tools and platforms provided by vendors provide simple user interfaces that enable configuration and monitoring of vendor-specific functions, typically limited only to their own platforms without having to program or script specific tasks.  This saves time, but the licensing of the platform comes at a cost.

Juniper provides a platform called Junos Space, which is a Network Element Management platform. Junos provides Juniper-specific tools enabling you to automate configuration, network management and reporting functions. These are turn key solutions. Juniper-specific templates and processes are already defined. These can provide a scalable means by which to manage large networks — with thousands of devices.

In simplistic terms, Junos performs the tasks of routing, switching and security in Branch, Enterprise and Service Provider networks. Licensing a Junos Space platform from Juniper can solve many network management issues for large Juniper deployments.

Learning to install, operate and maintain the Junos Space platform are addressed in the below Crystal Echo delivered courses:

Juniper Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Today’s necessity to build networks suitable for large Enterprise, Data Centres and Service Providers, has seen prolific growth of Software Defined Networking (SDN) Controllers. SDN has the ability to control network decisions from a single device with specialist software. They allow uniform changes to be quickly implemented end to end, across a network, leveraging an SDN Controller.

SDN strategy based on open source or a vendor-specific implementation can be costly and fraught with uncertainty. Our Juniper SDN training programs, and SDN consulting experience, covers concepts from many vendor and industry implementations. Juniper’s training opportunities in this space, include:

Software Defined Networking (SDN) by SDN Essentials

Leveraging our Joint Venture with SDN Essentials, we have training materials and instructors ready to deliver SDN training across multiple vendor solutions. Vendors include: Juniper, Big Switch, HP, NEC and Cisco.

 SDN – Skills Transformation Program within Industry

Recently, a unique and innovative SDN Skills Transformation Program was designed for 40 new SDN networking engineers. The training program was delivered over a 30-day period and utilised a progressive assessment strategy. The end result was miraculous; furnishing Juniper Networks with a healthy injection of SDN engineers to work on confirmed projects.

If you’re wondering what this successful SDN course consisted of, here are the modules of learning that were delivered over a duration of 30 days:

  • Intro to SDN
  • Linux Admin
  • Intro to OpenStack
  • Python for JUNOS
  • Study Day
  • 1st Written Exam
  • Yang/Netconf
  • Juniper Intermediate Routing (JIR)
  • Advanced Juniper Service Provider Routing (AJSPR)
  • Introduction to Contrail
  • Advanced Contrail Configuration
  • Study Day
  • Onsite 8-hour Lab Session

Note: Further program detail can be supplied upon request.

Orchestration with Mirantis OpenStack

There are many platform options at one’s disposal when it comes to deploying OpenStack.  Solutions from Mirantis, Redhat, Suse and Ubuntu are four popular and supported options that are available.

Crystal Echo’s Mirantis course content and training program equips engineers with universal skills. Learners will gain essential knowledge and skills that will not exclusively limit them to implementing and working on Mirantis installations of OpenStack.

Mirantis OpenStack courses focus on the core OpenStack technology and operation. This certification-based Mirantis training maps to other vendor implementations of OpenStack. In addition, small references to additional features that Mirantis can provide to assist in maintaining and easily operating your OpenStack installation.

Crystal Echo currently offers the current OpenStack training of OS50 and OS100 and in future will offer OS200 and Kubernetes-based training. Further information about these programs can be found by following the links, below:

Juniper Recertification Without an Exam!

Is your Juniper Certification about to Expire?

Just a reminder that effective January 1, 2017 Juniper Networks began offering a continuing education recertification option for current Juniper certified professionals with expiring credentials.  This allows recertifying professionals to attend a recommended class that corresponds to their expiring certification in lieu of completing the relevant re-certification exam.

Juniper Recertification is Possible without an Exam

To help explain, let’s share an example. If the candidate holds a JNCIS-ENT certification, then attending either the Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR) (at the same qualification level) or the Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing (AJER) (next level up in the same learning path) classes would recertify the JNCIS-ENT certification.

If you would like to lean more about the ways by which you be gain Juniper Networks Recertification, Juniper Networks have published a comprehensive overview of their various approved pathways. Simply click on this external link.

Juniper certifications are achieved by completing each stated prerequisite certification before a higher certification can be attained without exception.

If you desire a JNCIS-ENT (Enterprise Routing & Switching) level certification you must obtain the JNCIA-Junos certification.  To cover the content required to achieve your JNCIA-Junos attendance of the IJOS (Introduction to the Junos Operating System) course is recommended.

So, the order of events goes like this:

  1. JNICA-Junos
  2. JNCIS
  3. JNCIP
  4. JNCIE

To recertify you may sit the same exam you sat many years ago (noting it will be a newer exam) and the exam topics may slightly change, or you can simply sit the next higher level certification course which negates the requirement to sit the current certification you hold.  For example if you hold JNCIS-ENT level certification and before it expires you sit and pass the JNCIP-ENT level certification your JNCIS-ENT level certification remains valid.

If you are looking for a simple way to navigate all Juniper courses and learn what course will contain the content and learning to achieve this visit –

More details concerning the Recertification Through Course Attendance option or particular class schedules by certification are available.  If you’d like more specific information regarding your particular circumstances you can contact us directly via email [email protected] or phone on +61 1300 859 892.

Important: Changes to Juniper Networks Certified Professional

Enterprise (JNCIP-ENT) Certification Exam Objectives (JN0-647)

Announcement by Robert Watson, Operations Manager, Crystal Echo

Juniper Networks has recently released a new professional-level certification exam (i.e. JN0-647) leading to the Juniper Networks Certified Professional – Enterprise (JNCIP-ENT) qualification and has also announced that this new exam will become the only exam (replacing the remaining JN0-643 exam) leading to the JNCIP-ENT qualification as of 1st October 2017.

This announcement also outlined information that the JN0-643 certification exam will become End of Life (EOL) on 30th September 2017.  As announced last month, the ELS version of the JNCIP-ENT certification exam (i.e. JN0-646) has already been superseded by the incoming JN0-647 certification exam.  The JN0-646 certification exam became EOL on 1st September 2017.

So what are the differences?

In anticipation that you may ask this question we’ve done a comparison of the Exam Objectives between the incoming JN0-647 exam and outgoing JN0-643 & JN0-646 exams.

Click here to see our full comparison and differences.  A summary of the main changes are as follows:

  • Exam objectives related to OSPF have effectively been replaced by Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) objectives covering topics such as IS-IS, RIP and Routing Policy and only a small section remaining allocated to OSPFv2 and OSPFv3.
  • Junos Fusion Enterprise is a new exam topic under the Ethernet Switching and Spanning Tree objective.

The following topics will no longer tested under certification exam JN0-647:

  • OSPF LSA types.
  • OSPF area types and operations.
  • LSA flooding through an OSPF multi-area network.
  • DR / BDR operation.
  • SPF algorithm.
  • Metrics, including external metric types.
  • Authentication options.
  • Route summarisation and restriction.
  • Overload.
  • Virtual links.
  • Implement OSPF routing policy.

Certification Exam Promotional Offer

Attend any public Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) class and Crystal Echo will provide you with a FREE exam voucher with the option to sit the exam on the last day (day 3) of the class.  This offer commences in July 2017 and ends when all the vouchers are gone, please mention this offer when registering to lock away your Pearson VUE exam voucher worth USD$200.

Note that the Junos Security (JSEC) and the Advanced Junos Security (AJSEC) courses have a separate promotion which applies for those who book and pay for either of these courses between 1st July 2017 – 30th September 2017.

If you’re looking to sit ANY WRITTEN EXAM and need a discounted Pearson VUE exam voucher, drop us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll see what we can do to help.

One Week of Training – a Huge Impact on an Engineer’s Productivity

It’s not easy getting the time to focus and prioritise your Learning and Development at a time and place that suits you.  However, it’s also well understood the benefits realised by training can certainly pay dividends in the long term as project installation is quicker, best practice configurations are deployed on hardware and the isolation and troubleshooting of issues is fast which translates to less network downtime, increased productivity and massive costs savings to the owners of the network.

To help you gain a better feel for where the real benefits are that could also apply to your environment here are some statistics pulled form IDC White Paper, sponsored by Juniper Networks called “Impact of Juniper Training and Certification on Network Management Activities”, Doc #246270, January 2014.

Yes, it is a few years old however the exact percentage may not be the same however you can be sure the impact that training across your engineering teams will have a positive effect.

  • Networked resources available/reachable when needed 18% more often
  • “Up-time” of critical routers and switches 16% higher
  • Changes to network architecture consistent with organizational policy 15% more often
  • Router and switch installations correctly implemented the first time 13% more often
  • Router and switch installations completed in accordance with project plan 13% more often
  • Changes to network architecture fully documented 11% more often

So where to from here?

Crystal Echo is experienced at delivering Authorised customised training that closely aligns to your projects.  If you are looking for concentrated skills transfer on just the topics relating to your specific deployment then we can save you time and money on your training.  Additionally, if you are looking to attain a Juniper Networks certification then we can also fast track you down this path as well.  Finally, if you are short on time we can dispatch one of our highly trained and experienced engineers to help kick start your project, advise you on best practice architecture / deployment strategies and train you along the way, as your network is rolled out.

Contact us with your requirements and we’d be happy to build a solution that meets these and it can be cheaper than you think!