Crystal Echo’s Mouth-Watering Menu for the Tech Savvy

Every office has a ‘wise guy’

Since the introduction of our Crystal Echo – Juniper News Blog, we’ve been bombarded with a surprising number of emails. Naturally, many of the messages we’ve received have been about our Juniper Networks Courses. No surprises there. But, the number of enquiries that filtered through, simply asking us, “What else do you do at Crystal Echo?” did, quite frankly, take us by surprise.

As a result, we started tallying-up our service offerings. When we ran out of fingers and toes to count, someone from within our team interjected a bright idea. In retrospect, it was ingenious. It was something to the effect of, “Why don’t you write them down”.  Well said, Anthony.  We knew there was a reason why you’re the boss and we’re not.

Crystal Echo’s tastiest morsels of technology-rich training

View the menu below to see what Crystal Echo can serve.  If you’re interested in any of the following, please be sure to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Crystal Echo Company Overview

Training Offers:

  • Juniper
  • Mirantis OpenStack
  • SDN Essentials
  • Python Programming

Professional Services Offers:

  • Juniper
  • Mirantis OpenStack
  • Software Defined Networking, NFV, Network Programming & Automation

Crystal Echo’s capabilities through Joint Ventures and Alliances:


  • Full range of curriculum based training via public or private onsite schedules –
  • In class certification testing, customised workshop training and mentoring  –
  • Remote lab service offered for training and proof of concept workshops –
  • Certified Juniper “Professional Services Specialist” Partner (PSS) available to for networks architect design, implementation and hand-over.
  • Onsite engineers for short / long term offering OSS services, project management, implementation changes.
  • Team of 7 certified Juniper Engineers who deliver both training and onsite consulting services.


SDN Essentials

Experience in design and deployment of NFV solutions for carriers in the US with joint venture capability to leverage knowledge, templates and tools for APAC region.

  • Developed and delivered 2 month transformation programs creating engineers capable in supporting SDN and Contrail based solutions.
  • Python and automation customer focused workshops.
  • Experience in production environments supporting SDN, NFV, OpenStack, OpenDaylight.
  • April 2017 achievement in the delivery of prerequisite training to Telstra engineers for the Juniper sponsored Telstra Throwdown Melbourne and second Throwdown scheduled for March 2018.
  • 2017-2018, Brocade / Lumina OpenDaylight (ODL) course design and delivery for Telstra.

Network to

What does Juniper Networks do?

What is Juniper Networks

Although you may not have heard of Juniper Networks, the chances are every time you surf the web, send an email or download a new episode on NetFlix, your traffic skips in and out of a Juniper Router. It doesn’t matter if you reside in Australia, New Zealand or somewhere throughout else the word, most people will come into contact with Juniper Networks.

Where did Juniper Networks originate?

Juniper Networks is a 20 + year old company that was formed to initially build fast hardware, silicon and software to meet the rapidly increasing needs of service providers trying to satisfy customer requirements for large bandwidths. The name Juniper Networks is still not a household name, however those who know the origins of the company know that its high capacity routers are adopted by the world’s largest service providers can confirm that the smallest of internet users (mums and dads) unfamiliar with the name have their Internet traffic being passed from Juniper to Juniper every day.

Juniper Networks customers in Australia, NZ and Worldwide

Today Juniper provide more than the large backbone routers that originally saw them being number 1 in the Service Provider space. Acquisitions along with development of smaller Enterprise market devices in the form of routers, switches and security firewalls have obtained rapid market share with high performing, intelligent devices that support world leading banks, government, medical and educational networks to mention a few. The real benefit to customers is the stable and versatile software called Junos, which controls the hardware, has a history of being built to support the pressing demands of Service Providers. This means: the years spent on R&D developing a stable and scalable operating system becomes available to Small to Medium and Enterprise networks at very competitive pricing.

Enter Crystal Echo Australia and NZ

Crystal Echo was one of the world’s first Juniper Networks Authorised Education Centres (JNAEC) established in 2004. Invited by Juniper become a Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner (JNAEP) delivering both introduction and advanced Juniper Routing training to the Australia and New Zealand market. Additional requests from countries in the APAC region required frequent travel to deliver certification and customised service provider training.

Like Juniper, Crystal Echo are winners

Each year, Crystal Echo has been awarded for our performance and commitment to the delivery of Juniper training receiving the Platinum award for the number of students trained whilst maintaining extremely high levels of course satisfaction. With our well rounded knowledge and experience around Junos we were appointed a Professional Services Partner allowing us to work with Juniper to fulfil the technical requirements of large Juniper customers providing design, implementation and configuration services to ensure best practice deployment.