Micro Focus Industry Courses

This generic industry based training aims to be vendor neutral enabling engineers to develop and build the skills required to meet the human capital needs of companies today.

For many years, Micro Focus has developed and delivered programs under the Micro Focus Software University banner that provides universities with the latest technical content matched to industry trends.

The content is designed to deliver results with students acquiring skills considered as essential to succeed in today’s market.  Universities throughout the world leverage Micro Focus Software University curriculum to offer the latest technology based training.  Using industry experts with years of knowledge to create a blend of content including real-time use case scenarios and exercises across a range of technologies.

There are a number of study areas covered in modular ready to go deliverable such as:

  • IoT, AI, and Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • DevOps and Docker
  • LeanFT
  • Mobile Apps Dev and Testing
  • Quality Engineering

Crystal Echo with Micro Focus brings the Enterprise market a range of these offerings in short 5-day or 10-day programs covering what would typically require months under the university curriculum.  Ideal for industry veterans who require quick re-skilling or knowledge in a new technology.  We are able to customise programs and provide access to this curriculum for Enterprise and Universities.

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