Agile Delivery of Project Management & Digital Services

Offering AgilePM & AgileDS training to ensure your Agile delivery team are well equipped to manage projects and deliver Digital Services within today’s business.

We’ve all heard in conversations the sentiment that many projects fail to be delivered on times and within budget.

Today’s number 1 phrase in this space, is “We’re moving to Agile”.  However the meaning of Agile is many things to many people as there’s over 10 common Agile methodologies used by today’s project teams.  Some old approaches combined with poor execution are the primary contributors to the following statistic from the Project Management Institute -Pulse of the Profession Survey 2018

Taking traditional Agile project management and applying it to the delivery of “Digital Services” transformation project adds another complexity that requires further managed to deliver the best outcome.  Traditional Agile methods will successfully deliver construction projects but won’t address all the nuances of today’s technology where it moves quick, features become available overnight and complexity reigns king.  Traditional Agile fails to focus on what the users want, whereas Agile for Digital Services aims to deliver prototypes early, regularly,  support fluid feedback, whilst continuing to address all important governance requirements.

The Australian State and Federal Governments proclaim the widespread use of Agile methodologies to deliver Digital Services beginning with web sites, service portals, networks, portable device applications, and customer service tools which have been classified under transformation initiatives.

There are various resources available and as a starting point, the site captures the direction take by NSW Government very well.  They provide a support service for the delivery of digital services that follows the UK Government’s strategy in the area of using Agile to deliver Digital Services.  The site is relatively new and you’ll notice the site content has some pages with recent dates being late 2018 and the word “BETA” tagged next to some headings and content.  We all must continue to evolve beyond Agile Project Management, adopt the nuances of information & digital technology to under the umbrella of digital services.

Reference that supports our APMG International – AgileDS updated February 2019, contains FAQs which helps put Agile Digital Services into further perspective –  Furthermore, a use case by IP Australia details in their blog posting is found on the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) site –

Further validation towards the original source, the UK Government reference of GDS – Government Digital Services – provides strategy and supporting reference from – Agile Business Consortium – who are the not-for-profit professional body for business agility.  Their mission is to lead, promote and enable business agility worldwide, and have been operating in this capacity for 25th years.  They are the brains behind AgilePM®, AgileBA®, AgilePgM®, and AgileDS™, as well as the originators of the Framework for Business Agility and the Agile Project Framework.

The Australian Government has adopted many of the principals and documented how it should work, but there’s no clear direction where comprehensive training program and certification is delivered in the Australian market place to guide and support project managers wanting to truly use Agile to deliver Digital Services.  Crystal Echo provides consultants with 20+ years’ experience who have delivered traditional and digital services projects internationally who can engage and quickly uncover where you and your organisation is at, and the steps required to get you and your teams 100% effective with Agile Project Management with Digital Services.

Crystal Echo offers official APMG-International AgilePM® and AgileDS™ courses supporting the only internationally recognised accreditation when it comes to Digital Services.  Additionally we have written a number of short courses designed to help executives, managers, engineers and support staff align with the concepts their project teams are executing on.

Summarising, we offer education and coaching for dedicated Project Managers across Agile and Agile Digital services all the way through to company executives and admin staff working alongside project teams.