About our OpenStack & SDN Workshop for Network Engineers

SE OpenStack & SDN Workshop

Length: 2 days

Class Size: up to 16 students

Who Should Attend?

  • Technical Pre & Post Sales Engineers, Architects, Operations staff and anyone looking to gain an understanding of OpenStack and SDN based solutions offered from open source and vendor market leaders


  • Working knowledge of large enterprise, data centre and provider networks

Course Goal

For engineers to be confident discussing today’s OpenStack and SDN architectures.

An interactive theoretical course with case studies referencing customers and prominent vendors leading SDN deliverables.

This two-day course is designed to enhance an Engineers knowledge of current industry solutions which many customers have considered deploying and feel more confident engaging in conversation around OpenStack and SDN technologies.


SDN Definitions

  • Insight into the network issues SDN attempts to solve
  • SDN characteristics, terms and high level look at protocols used
  • SDN Industry trends
  • SDN Certification



  • Defining “The Cloud”
  • High Level look at what is OpenStack and its core projects and program interaction
  • OpenStack powered solution with examples from Mirantis / Juniper Teaming
  • OpenStack certification Programs
  • Opportunity for Hands on Lab to experiment with OpenStack


SDN in Today’s Market

  • SDN Timeline
  • SDN Today & Tomorrow
  • Future SDN Use Cases including, Software Defined Data Centers (SD-DC); Software Define Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN); Microsegmentation and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • SDN Road blocks


Hypervisor 101

  • A look at the Hypervisor Role
  • Overview of Hypervisor Technologies: KVM, VMware, Xen, Hyper-V
  • High level review of Bare Metal, Docker and Kubernetes


The VMWare Story

  • High Level VMWare Overview and Architecture
  • Use Cases
  • VMWare Cloud Relationships
  • Opportunity for guided Hands on Lab with VMware NSX
  • VMWare Certification



  • KVM History and Architecture
  • KVM role with OpenStack
  • KVM in cloud computing today
  • Linux Foundation Certification



  • Network Function Virtualisation explained
  • NFV Terminology
  • NFV Trends
  • NFV Use Cases with examples


Cisco ACI Story

  • ACI fabric overview
  • ACI and Hypervisor Integration
  • Devnet Learning labs
  • Devnet ACI Lab walkthrough
  • Cisco Cloud Certification


Nuage Networks

  • Nuage Architecture
  • Nuage Uses cases and deployments



  • Contrail Overview and Architecture
  • Open Contrail / Juniper Contrail / Control Cloud
  • Contrail Use Cases and examples
  • Opportunity for high level Hands on Lab with contrail
  • Juniper Cloud Certification