Juniper Course, Certification Changes, IJOS, JSEC, AJSEC Promotion

In the history of Juniper Education Services, this would have to be the largest number of changes made to courseware and curriculum within a 6-month period.

It’s important you take note of the changes and to be 100% sure before requesting budgetary approval to attend training, that you check you are referencing the latest version of a course and to confirm that the course and certification is still current before investing time and energy on your studies.

Some have found the extension of classroom days too onerous or work has been inflexible in the allocation of time to study, and therefore we do have the luxury to hand-pick only the chapters and topics required so you can then adequately support and troubleshoot your specific network environment.

Juniper Education Services retired courses

Even though the below list of courses may no longer be available as individual deliverables, the content could easily be found in an update to an existing course or courses.

  • All Troubleshooting courses; AJEXT, AJERT, AJEST and AJSPT have had their content moved to the respective stream.
  • DCX and TDCX content has now been merged into a 5-day ADCX course.
  • JSDNF is now incorporated into the NACC course.
  • Junos MPLS and VPNS (JMV) 5-day course has been retired and replaced with 7 days of training over 3 courses, JMF, JL2V and JL3V which were gradually phased into the line-up in 2016.
  • Junos Space for the Service Provider (JS-SP).
  • Junos Switching Enablement (JSLEX).
  • Junos Enablement: IOS to Junos OS (JSLJUN).
  • Junos Security Enablement: ScreenOS to Junos OS (JSLSEC).

Recently added courses to Juniper’s offerings or curriculum

  • NA-DC, Network Automation in the Data Center is delivered over 3 days (released March ’17).
  • NA-WAN, Network Automation in the WAN also occupies a 3-day training schedule (released October ’16 – yes it’s almost a year old however it deserves a mention).

Existing Juniper courses reworked and modified (released in 2017)

Many of Juniper’s courses have received additional content from retired courses and therefore automatically warranted extending the course duration by a day or more.  The below list is a short summary of those courses that contain the same name but have had content added and likely the number of days extended.

  • IJOS absorbed the JRE content along with the Appendices from IJOS and JRE being delivered as mainstream content over 3 days (release dated April ’17).
  • AJER extended from 3 days to 4 days (release dated in May ’17).
  • AJEX includes AJEXT troubleshooting and Junos Space Network Director content, however the 2-day delivery format remains (release dated April ’17).
  • JSEC absorbed some of the IPSec VPN content from the AJSEC course (release dated June ’17).
  • AJSEC let go of the advanced IPSec VPN content and added more Nextgen Firewall features (release dated June ’17).
  • DCX changes from a 2-day to a 5-day course with the merging of the courses DCX / ADCX / TDCX to become a single course called ADCX run over 5 days (release dated April ’17).
  • AJSRP includes troubleshooting modules taken from the retired AJSPT course taking it to a new 5-day delivery (release dated June ’17).
  • JAUT received a complete overhaul, vMX replaces our MX80s with rep so you could almost classify it as a new course with a new name Junos Automation & DevOps (release dated June ’17).
  • NACC addressing your Contrail requirements now incorporates content from the JSDNF course and is delivered over a 5-day period.

Course Price Changes

You will observe that all Crystal Echo prices are in AUD and have not changed in quite some time.  If you happen to be on the corporate Juniper Education Services website, prices have increased this year and are displayed in USD.  Our pricing is in AUD and summarised below:

  • JNCIA and JNCIS associated core Junos curriculum are priced at USD$800/day, where Crystal Echo’s Price remains at AUD$860 ex GST per day.
  • JNCIP and JNCIE courses as well as new and emerging products and software (Data Center, Automation, etc.) where the Crystal Echo Price remains at AUD$860 ex GST per .

Exams Retired

All support-related certifications (JNCSP-ENT, JNCSP-SP, JNCSP-SEC) have gone EOL March 31, 2017 and therefore the courses of AJEXT, AJERT, AJEST and AJSPT no longer exist.

Certification Exam Change and Pricing

Introduction of JNCIP-DC and JNCIE-DC in April 2017 is based on the new 5-day ADCX course.

Pearson Vue have increased all Juniper exams by $100 an exam.  Below you will find the new pricing in USD$ for each exam attempt.  Also remember that you will need to complete your JNCIA-Junos exam before your JNCIS exam, then before your JNCIP exam, etc.

  • JNCIA-Junos: $200
  • JNCIS: $300
  • JNCIP: $400
  • JNCIE: $1600


There is a lot to digest here with courses retiring, content being redeployed or absorbed into existing courses and the number of days required for existing courses slightly increasing.  I’m sure you’d like to see a graphical view of where everything sits?

If you need to locate training fast here’s the best way to find a course delivered by Crystal Echo: